• The Dreamlovers

    The Dreamlovers 

    The Dreamlovers (Philadelphia)
    aka The Dream Lovers
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 


    Personnel :

    Don Hogan (Lead)

    Morris Gardner (Lead)

    Conrad "Clifton" Dunn (Baritone)

    Tommy Ricks (First Tenor)

    Cleveland Hammock (Second Tenor)

    James Dunn (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Dream Lovers
    1960 - For The First Time / Take It From A Fool (Len 1006)
    1960 - Annabelle Lee / Home Is Where The Heart Is (V-Tone 211)
    1961 - May I Kiss The Bride / Time (V-Tone 229)
    1965 - You Gave Me Somebody To Love / Doin’ Things Together With You (Warner Bros 5619)

    The Dreamlovers
    1961 - When We Get Married / Just Because (Heritage 102)
    1961 - Welcome Home / Let Them Love (And Be Loved)* (Heritage 104)
    1961 - Zoom Zoom Zoom / While We Were Dancing (Heritage 107)
    1962 - If I Should Lose You / I Miss You (End 1114)
    1963 - Sad Sad Boy / If I Were A Magician (Columbia 42698)
    1963 - Sad Sad Boy / Black Bottom (Columbia 42752)
    1963 - I'm Thru With You / Pretty Little Girl (Columbia 42842)
    1963 - Amazons And Coyotees / Together (Swan 4167 / Casino1308)
    1964 - Oh Baby Mine (I Get So Lonely) / Those Will Be The Good Old Days (Cameo 326)
    1966 - The Bad Times Make The Good Time / Bless Your Soul (Mercury 72595)
    1966 - You Gave Me Somebody To Love / Calling Jo-Ann (Mercury 72630)
    *Re-released in 1982 on Collectables LP 5004, but erroneously labeled as “Let Them Talk”

    1982 - Mother (Collectables LP 5004)
    1982 - Let's Twist Again (Collectables LP 5004)

    1963 - The Bird and Other Golden Dancing Grooves (Columbia CS 8820)
    The Bird / Black Bottom / Ballin' The Jack / Charleston / Loco-Motion / The Slide / South Street / Let's Turkey Trot / Let's Twist Again / Limbo Rock / Pony Time / Mashed Potato Time

    The Dreamlovers


    Biography :

    The Dreamlovers were formed in 1956 in Philadelphia by Conrad "Clifton" Dunn , his brother James, William Johnson, Tommy Ricks and Cleveland Hammock. Originally using the name the Romancers, they recorded a demo for Cameo/Parkway before changing their name to the Midnighters. In 1958, while still under that name, they went into the studio to back Chubby Checker on his original recording of The Twist.

    The Dreamlovers

    After lead William  Johnson was killed in a street fight, the group brought in Morris Gardner and a sixth member, Don Hogan, changing their name to The Dreamlovers. After a short time with Len and V-Tone Records in 1960 and early 1961, they signed with Heritage who released their biggest hit, When We Get Married, which peaked at number 10. After a couple of non-charting singles, they move to End Records who released their only other Hot 100 song, If I Should Lose You (1962 / #62).

    The Dreamlovers

    They returned to the charts on a smaller scale the next year with "If I Should Lose You," a ballad for George Goldner's End Records, and then managed to record quite a few delicious samples of East Coast R&B groove and vocal harmony, including a slow doo wop-styled ballad ("I'm Thru With You") and an infectious up-tempo dance number ("Anna Belle Lee"). The group released singles for a variety of labels over the next four years, including Casino, Swan, Columbia, Cameo, Warner Brothers and Mercury, to no avail.

    The Dreamlovers    The Dreamlovers

    As they continued recording, their vocal style seemed to change with the times, always sounding ahead of their time. "When We Get Married" was later revived by the Intruders in 1970. The group continued performing, including a short stint under the name A Brother's Guiding Light, before breaking up in 1973. Members reformed in the early 80's and continued to tour into the 2000's.


    Songs :

    Take It From A Fool                   For The First Time                 When We Get Married 

    Home Is Where The Heart Is / Anna Belle Lee               Let Them Love / Welcome Home 

          Just Because                             Time                               May I Kiss The Bride

    Zoom Zoom Zoom / While We Were Dancing      I'm Thru With You / Pretty Little Girl 

    If I Should Lose You                    I Miss You                         Oh Baby Mine 

    Amazons And Coyotes / Together                         Sad Sad Boy / Black Bottom

    You Gave Me Somebody To Love    Doin Things Together With You     Bad Times Make The Good Time

    Bless Your Soul                    Callin Joann                            Mother

    Let's Twist Again      Those Will Be The Good Old Days


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    Tuesday 15th May 2018 at 17:34

    Hank Ballard and the Midnighters (not the future Dreamlovers) recorded The Twist as a flipside in Nov '58. The Chubby Checker version was recorded by Cameo-Parkway in1960, with the Dreamlovers as backing. They were session backups for that label and not the same group as Hank Ballard's group, but the confusion is obvous.

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