• The Dialtones

    The Dialtones  

    The Dialtones  (Queens, New York)
    (With Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel :

    Rosalie Calindo (Lead)

    Dominick Safuto

    Frank Safuto (First tenor)

    Eddie Scalla


    Discography :

    The Dialtones
    Single :
    1960 - 'Till I Heard It From You / Johnny (Goldisc 3005/3020)
    Unreleased :
    1960 - 24 Hours
    1960 - Why Don't You Write Me
    1960 - Bohemian Daddy (demo)
    1960 - Johnny (demo)
    1960 - 'Till I Heard It From You (demo)

    Billie Daye bb The Dialtones
    1961 - Twenty Four Hours / When A Girl Gives Her Heart To A Boy (Bliss 1002)


    Biography :

    In 1959, 12-year-olds Dominick Safuto, his brother Frank, cousin Eddie Scalla, and Rosalie Calindo on lead formed the Dialtones. They managed one obscure single, "Till I Heard It from You," for George Goldner's Goldisc label in 1960. The highlight of that session might have been the period the Dialtones spent sitting in the studio waiting room with idols Little Anthony & The Imperials awaiting their turn to record.

    The Dialtones     The Dialtones

    In 1961 Goldisc tried again, releasing the Dialtones single for another shot at the charts. It didn't work. Dom (lead) then joined up with friend Mike Zero (baritone) to form a new group with Mike's brother Sal (second tenor) and Ken Arcipowski (Bass) as The Encores. When the Grover Cleveland High School quartet decided to fill out their sound as a quintet, Dom convinced his brother and ex-Dialtone member Frank (first tenor) to join, and they renamed themselves Junior and the Counts.

    The Dialtones     The Dialtones
       The Dialtones                                                                                 Junior and the Counts                       

    The Counts started playing church festivities, sweet sixteens, and the like until they came to the attention of Fran Carrarie, who became their manager and introduced them to songwriter Neil Levenson. Neil brought them to Bright Tunes Productions, which was really the creative base of singing-group-turned-producers THE TOKENS. The Tokens produced the group on two songs written by Levinson titled "Denise" and "Come Back," but before they could issue them on Rust subsidiary Laurie Records, a more commercially acceptable group name had to be chosen. The Schwartz brothers, owners of Laurie, renamed them Randy and the Rainbows. Dom became Randy and "Denise" became a monster hit.
    Jay Warner (American Singing Group)


    Songs :

    The Dialtones

    'Till I Heard It From You                                Johnny           

          24 Hours                      Why Don't You Write Me               Bohemian Daddy  (demo)   

    'Till I Heard It From You (demo)             Johnny (demo)       


    Billie Daye bb The Dialtones

                               Twenty Four Hours                   



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