• The Debonairs (3)

    The Debonairs (3)
    The Debonairs (3) (New York)


    Personnel :

    Paul Dino (Lead)


    Discography :

    The Debonairs (3)
    1962 - Going To Town / Will You Marry Me (Carol Ann 1001)

    Paul Dino
    1960 - Goin' In Town / Will You Marry Me (Flame 301)
    1961 - Ginnie Bell / Bye-Bye (Promo 2180)
    1962 - That's How I Miss You / Tonight's The Night (United Artists 481)
    1963 - I Like Your Style / Your Candy Kisses (Entré 101)


    Biography :

    Paul Dino  Bertuccini is a former American singer-songwriter and musician, who appeared fleetingly as a teen crooner in the early to mid-1960s.  Paul Dino had decided to become a barber and in the late '50s he started a band called The Nite Caps, adopted the shortened professional name Paul Dino, and before long the job of singing an assortment of songs in nightclubs won out over warbling "Shave and a Haircut" a couple dozen times a day. Paul had learned to play several instruments during high school including piano, saxophone and drums; he even became quite the accordion assimilator.

    The Debonairs (3)

    No word on whether he was ever proficient with a pair of scissors. Songwriting was a passion as well and he began making regular excursions into New York City to knock on the doors of the various music publishing houses. He made overtures to some of the record labels too, but they didn't seem interested. After more than a year of attempts, he got his foot in the door at a very small company, Flame.

    The Debonairs (3)     The Debonairs (3)  

    With his group, the Debonairs , Dino recorded two songs he had written  "Goin' In Town" and "Will You Marry Me". The Record was released in early 1960 as Paul Dino. Two Years later the single was re-released as the Debonairs. Dino was signed to Promo label, and his single “Ginnie Bell” debuted in January 1961, which eventually broke into the Top 40 that year. Dino took advantage of this success by appearing on shows such as Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.

    The Debonairs (3)
    Paul Dino & Justine Carrelli  with The Paul Dino group

    Promo didn’t bother to follow up “Ginny Bell”s success however, and Dino would record for a number of labels until his days as a teen idol were over and a new status as a one-hit wonder would loom. Dino and his wife Justine Carrelli (a former regular dancer on American Bandstand) moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where they performed at lounge bookings before going into a successful real estate business.

    Songs :

    The Debonairs (3)

    Going To Town / Goin' In Town                   Will You Marry Me          

    Paul Dino

              Ginnie Bell                          Bye-Bye                           That's How I Miss You


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