• The Carousels (5)

    The Carousels (5)

    The Carousels (5) (Harlem, New York)

    Personnel :

    Betty Jackson (Lead)

    Robert Mitchell

    Curtis Swindell

    Mario Krauser

    Discography :

    1962 - Because I / Pretty Little Thing (Gone 5118)
    1962 - You Can Come / Pretty Little Thing (Gone 5118)
    1962 - If You Want To / Pretty Little Thing (Gone 5118)
    1962 - You Can Come If You Want To / Pretty Little Thing (Gone 5118)
    1962 - Dirty Trick / Never Let Him Go (Gone 5131)

    Biography :

    The Carousels; Betty Jackson, Robert Mitchell, Curtis Swindell & Mario Krauser came from out of Harlem St. Nick Projects. They singing at local proms, dances, school contests. In 1961, Mickey Francis, formerly with Richard Barett’s Valentines discovered Betty Jackson & The Carousels.  Mickey Francis took them to George Goldner at Rama, Gone & End Records. George Goldner liked them and wanted to call them the Serenators. Mickey said no and called them the Carousels. Betty Jackson & The Carousels recorded Because I and "Pretty Little Thing" released on Gone # 5118.

    The Carousels (5)    The Carousels (5)

    George Goldner did not like "Because I" and changed it to "You Can Come". That was declared a bit risqué so a month later they called it "If You Want To". A month after that is finally settled down as "You Can Come If You Want To". Same song, same master with four different titles . This shuffling around didn’t help the promotion of the record and it quickly disappeared. After one more release for George Goldner’s Gone label, the group was gone.

    Songs :

      If You Want To                                Pretty Little Thing

          Dirty Trick                                   Never Let Him Go

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    Tonya Mitchell
    Tuesday 17th January at 01:04
    I am thankful that someone knows about my dad Robert Mitchell. Its hard when you made people feel good with your music and not properly taken care of by your label. Thank you for this info.
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