• The Camerons (1)

     The Camerons (1) (Bronx, New-York)


    Personnel :

    Robert Browne

    Pat Gaines

    Wiliam Raabe Jr


    Discography ;

    The Camerons (1)

     1960 - Cheryl / Boom Chic A Bom (Cousins 1/2) 

    1960 - Baby Don't You Know (Cousins)
    1960 - She's Got It (Cousins) 

    Sonny Dee bb The Camerons (1)

     Unreleased :
    1960 - Lonely Teenager (Cousins)
    1960 - Cheryl (Cousins)


    Biography :

    Know at first as the Jiveliers, the first of two Camerons groups, who recorded for Cousins, originated in a neighborhood home for the blind and was renamed by Lou Cicchetti. Cousins 1-2 was the group's only release and the only Cousins master which  Cicchetti never offered to another label.


    During the same session Sal Pippa, then billed as "Sonny dee", cut an unreleased Demo of "Lonely Teenager", the same song that he later sold to Dion for an estimated $ 50.00 (and which became Dion's first solo hit). Flip of this demo was an alternate version of "Cheryl", also by Pippa & The Camerons…

    Sal Pippa                                                                                                          

    The Camerons recorded two Unreleased sides in the summer 1960, "Baby Don't You Know" and "She's Got It",  included High tenor Diane Umhauer.


    Songs :

    The Camerons (1)

    Cheryl                                          Boom Chic A Bom

    Baby Don't You Know                            She's Got It       

    Sonny Dee (bb the Regents)

            Here i stand                               I'm Not The One For You



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