• The Alma-Keys

    The Alma-Keys (Tarentum, PA)

    Personnel :

    James Mansfield Kemp (First Tenor)

    Richard Hayden (Second Tenor)

    Lloyd Daniel Hayden Jr. (Baritone)

    William Kemp (Bass)

    Roland Hayden (Lead / Baritone)

    Discography :

    The Alma-Keys
    1962 - Please Come Back To Me / Jumpin Twist (Kiski 2056)

    Tawni Sims bb The Alma-Keys
    1962 - Goodbye My Love / Will You Please Be Mine (Kiski 2057)

    Biography :

    Vocal group composed by James Mansfield Kemp (first tenor vocals), Richard Hayden (second tenor vocals), Lloyd Daniel Hayden Jr. (baritone vocals), William Kemp (bass vocals), Roland Hayden (lead vocals, baritone vocals) from Tarentum, PA. backed by The Citations. Kiski Recording Companys "The Alma Keys" who cut a classic doo wop track at the studio backed with a great dance number back in February of 1962. The Alma-Keys were essentially a doo-wop group, and by 1962 interest in doo-wop music was on the wane. There was still plenty of interest in THE TWIST though, so the Alma-Keys recorded their own variation on it ("Jumpin' Twist") with some doo-wop vocal tendencies.

    The Alma-Keys  

    The story goes that Al Rearigh the owner of the company was driving through the Tarentum neighborhood one night and these guys were singing on a street corner. They were signed immediately and the 45 was cut and released Feb. 1962 Kiski 2056.. Lead singer Roland Hayden was a big football star at Tarentum HS and all members sang in the choir at the Bethel Methodist ? Church in Tarentum. Popular teen DJ on station WKPA in New Kensington Bob Livorio played both sides often on his Saturday afternoon shows.

     Songs : 
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Alma-Keys

    Please Come Back To Me                               Jumpin Twist        

     Tawni Sims bb The Alma-Keys

    Please Come Back To Me / Jumpin Twist



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