• Teddy & The Continentals (6)


    Teddy & The Continentals (6) (Wilmington, Delaware)

    Personnel :

    Teddy Henry (Lead)

    Lawrence Davis (First Tenor)

    Eugene Callaway (Second Tenor)

    Gerald Hamilton (Baritone)

    Donald Jackson (Bass)

    Jerome Jefferson (Guitar)

    Discography :

    Teddy & The Continentals (6)
    1961 - Tick Tick Tock / Everybody Pony (Richie 1001/Pik 235)
    1961 - Do You / Tighten Up (Richie 445)
    1963 - Crying Over You / Crossfire With My Baby (Richie 453)

    Teddy Continental
    1965 - I Call It Home / Find Someone (Richie 66-5/7)

    Biography :

    Teddy & The Continentals were from Wilmington, Delaware and consisted of Teddy Henry (Lead), Lawrence Davis (First Tenor), Eugene Callaway (Second Tenor), Gerald Hamilton (Baritone), Donald Jackson (Bass) and Jerome Jefferson (Guitar). The Boys started singing together three years ago, they all went to Absalom Jones Senior Center and used to sing in the music room after school. Four of them are in High School, Teddy and Eugene go to Conrad High School, While Lawrence Davis and Gerald Hamilton go to Howard High School, Jerome Jefferson was graduated from Wilmington high school in 1959 and Donald has been graduated from Newark High.

      Teddy & The Continentals (6)
    Teddy Henry                                                                                                                    

    At a anniversary party, a neighbour of Teddy Henry, Theron Byrd, tape recorded their songs. He became interested in the group and finally he was made their manager. They went to his home to practice and finally they got a music publisher from Wilmington to listen to their sing. In February 1961, Teddy decided it was the time for the Continentals to get on the local hit parade. They turned out "Everybody Pony" and a band from pottsville, Pa., was hired to accompany them. "Everybody Pony" was recorded on the Richie Label in Late February. Richie Records is from Wilmington, DE owned by a local record producer and rock's roll promoter Vincent Rago and named after his son Richie. The label started in late 1960  and was still around in 1967. Some releases were distributed by Roulette and Scepter records.

    Teddy & The Continentals (6)   

    Vincent Rago helped Teddy and the Continentals cut their first single. They had a national hit –– on the Bubbling Under chart –– with “Ev’rybody Pony,” which hit #101 in September 1961. but the flip side “Tick Tick Tock” is the side most aficionados prefer. Since the record hit the markets the boys have been making  many personnel appearances included local radio stations, and radio and television stations in Philadelphia. The Continentals recorded two more records, but by 1964 the Continentals broke up and Teddy Henry recorded a final solo record on Ritchie in 1965 as Teddy Continental.

    Songs :

    Teddy & The Continentals (6)

    Tick Tick Tock                    Everybody Pony                        Do You

    Tighten Up                         Crying Over You            Crossfire With My Baby

    Teddy Continental

    I Call It Home                                      Find Someone



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