• Sammy Hagan & The Viscounts (1) aka The Premiers (1)

    Sammy Hagan & The Viscounts (1) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Premiers (1)


    Personnel :

    Sammy Hagan  (Little Sammy Yates "Hagan") (Lead)

    Donald Frierson (Tenor)

    Daniel Fields (Baritone)

    Kenneth Head (Bass)

    Discography :

    1957 - Out of Your Heart / Smoochie Poochie (Capitol 3722)
    1957 - Don't Cry / Wild Bird (Capitol 3818)
    1958 - Tail Light / Snaggle Bunnie (Capitol 3885)

    Biography :

    After backing Julie Stephens on "Blue Mood"/"Crazy Bells" in 1956 and on "I Don't Want To Know"/"Take My Heart" in 1957, it was time for The Premiers to move on, "Right after we left the Johnny Otis Show we went to Capitol Records under the management of Effie Smith and John Criner",  Hagan recalled. "

    The Premiers (1)

    Next thing I knew Johnny and his show showed up at Capitol and  I  was glad to see him  with Kenneth Head replacing original bass Charles Taggart  and our group now became known as Sammy Hagan & The Viscounts" Hagan recalls. 


    Working with guitarist-arranger Jack Marshall end sax man Plash Johnson, among other backing musicians, the group turned out two outstanding ballads, "Out of Your Heart"  and "Don't Cry'  in 1957, followed by "Tail Light"  in February 1958. The latter, which billboard described as a wistful rock ballad told of a guy who trails a car because he thinks his girl is in it with another guy.

    French EP                                                                 

    The tune has touches of the hit "Silhouettes". Unfortunately, the record buying public passed up "Tail Light," Which proved to be the final release for Hagan arid his group.


    Songs :

    Out of Your Heart / Smoochie Poochie             Don't Cry / Wild Bird                  Tail Light / Snaggle Bunnie





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