• J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels aka The Jackals aka Hank Blackman & The Killers

    Hank Blackman & The Killers aka J.J. Jackson And The Jackaels
    June Jackson


    J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels (San Diego, Ca)
    aka The Jackals aka Hank Blackman & The Killers

    Personnel :

    William E. 'June' 'J.J' Jackson (Lead)

    Hubert Richardson (First Tenor)

    James Famber (Second Tenor)

    Hank Blackman (Baritone)

    Discography :

    J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels
    Singles :
    1959 - A Lifetime From Today /  That Look In Your Eye (Storm 501)
    1959 - Oo-Ma-Liddi / Let The Show Begin (Storm 502/ Prelude 502)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - Port of Happiness (Brent)
    1962 - Don't Let Her Make You Cry (Brent)

    J.J. Jackson & The Jackals
    1962 - False Face / Ring Telephone (Everest 2012)

    Hank Blackman & The Killers
    1962 - Everyone Has Someone /Itchy Koo (Brent 7030)

    Bertha Tillman bb J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels
    1962 - Oh My Angel / Lovin' Time (Brent 7029)

    J.J. Jackson bb The Jackaels
    1963 - Time / Shy Guy (Crescent 632)


    Biography :

    There is much confusion about J.J. Jackson.  Jerome Louis 'J.J' Jackson (B. 4/8/41) was a Soul Artist who did 'But It's Alright".  He was in a doo wop group called 'Cordials'. William E. 'June' 'J.J' Jackson (B. 1931) from San Diego, Ca is the lead singer of The Jackaels  with Hubert Richardson (First Tenor), James Famber (Second Tenor) & Hank Blackman (Baritone) . In 1959, the group recorded  four songs released by Storm Records .

    Hank Blackman & The Killers aka J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels

    In 1962, June Jackson & The Jackaels recorded four songs for Brent records. Because they had two releases under that name, the company decide to re-brand them and use the two song sung by group member Hank Blackman rather than the two June Jackson sang lead on. The group was renamed Hank Blackman & The Killers. the two songs left in the can were June Jackson sung and penned numbers "Port of Happiness" and "Don't Let Her Make You Cry".

    Hank Blackman & The Killers aka J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels    Hank Blackman & The Killers aka J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels

    During the same session the Jackaels also recorded with Bertha Tillman.  Bertha Tillman was working as a department store salesgirl in San Diego when she was discovered by Hank Blackman . June Jackson had written "Oh My Angel" and the Jackaels were the uncredited group that backed Tillman on this tremendously soulful tearjerker. There were two more 45s with the Jackaels :  "False Face" b/w "Ring Telephone" on Everest and "Time" b/w "Shy Guy" on Crescent. June Jackson will continue to record for Imperial, Bell and Musette in the 60s and 70s.

    Songs :

    J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels

    A Lifetime From Today             That Look In Your Eye                   Oo-Ma-Liddi       

    Let The Show Begin             Port of Happiness 

    J. Jackson & The Jackals

    False Face                           Ring Telephone

    Hank Blackman & The Killers

    Everyone Has Someone                             Itchy Koo             

    Bertha Tillman bb J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels

    Oh My Angel                                 Lovin' Time

    J.J. Jackson bb The Jackaels




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    Sunday 10th September 2017 at 02:12

    Thank you very much! This information was very interesting for me. About this singer there was nothing written anywhere - there wasn't even a photo. Thanks for fixing it. And everywhere - constant confusion with «J.J. Jackson»'s.


    There is a small question: «H. J. Jackson & The Bootleggers» - this is the same J.J. Jackson or not? Here's the link: 




    Thank you for your work. cool

    Tuesday 21st July 2020 at 23:18
    Yes, same June Jackson from San Diego.
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