• George Goodman & The Headliners (2)

    George Goodman & The Headliners (2)
    L to R : Melvin Peters, George Goodman and Rodney Williams.

    George Goodman & The Headliners (2)  (Pittsburgh, PA.)

    Personnel :

    Rodney Williams (Lead)

    George Goodman (Baritone)

    Melvin Peters (Tenor)

    Discography :

    George Goodman And His Headliners (2)
    1964 - Let Me Love You / Let Me Love You (Inst.) (Val 1/WB 5632)
    1964 - Starlight And Moonbeams / I'm So Tired (Val 3)

    George Goodman's Headliners (2)
    1964 - I'll Cherish Your Love / Secret Love (Val 5)

    George Goodman & The Headliners (2)
    1966 - Need You / Starlight And Moonbeams  (Val 6)

    The Headliners (2)
    1966 - Let Me Love You /I'm So Tired (Val 1000)


    Biography :

    From Doo Wop To Soul. Vocal group from Pittsburgh composed by George Goodman (baritone), Rodney Williams (lead) and Melvin Peters (tenor). In 1964, they  recorded "Let Me Love You", a wonderful ballad who sold over 100,000 copies and a Number 1 record in Pittsburgh and Baltimore. The record was first released in 1964 on Sharpsburg's Val label (#1), credited to George Goodman & His Headliners, and reissued a couple of times. (Val Records was local label operated by florist Augie Bernardi.) It was released again on Warner Brothers in 1965 (#5632), and pressed again by A&M (#1011) in 1968 under The Headliners. It became a huge regional hit but never charted nationally.

    George Goodman & The Headliners (2)     George Goodman & The Headliners (2)

    In fact, the group had a little cottage industry going on with the label for a brief spell and was Val's big act. Goodman was also heavily into the industry side, producing, distributing, and promoting records. George Goodman, from the Hill District, got his start in the mid 60's working for Herbie Cohen's Fenway Distributors on Fifth Avenue, Uptown. He was very involved in distributing and promoting R & B records for them and helped break Charlie and Inez Foxx's "Mockingbird" on Sue Records. Melvin Peters started his career with The Five Mellows, and also worked with the Del Vikings and Marcels. In the early 1960's, he joined Chuck Jackson and the Motown group The Originals. Then it was back home as a Headliner. He spent the seventies working with Solid Gold, Flashback, and the Katch.

    Songs :

        Let Me Love You                           Starlight And Moonbeams

        I'm So Tired                                 I'll Cherish Your Love

     Secret Love                                       Need You



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    Thursday 19th January 2017 at 09:39

    They say jazz is the music of the slaves. but nothing like this but admiration for me it is not! like jazz


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