• Dean & Jean

     Dean & Jean (Dayton, Ohio)
     (By Hans-Joachim)




    Welton Young

    Brenda Lee Jones



    1958 - Oh Yeah / We’re Gonna Get Married (Buckeye 1001)
    1958 - We’re Gonna Get Married / Too Young To Know (Ember 1048)
    1959 - Never Let Love Fade Away / Turn It Off (Ember 1054)
    1962 - Come Take A Walk With Me / Dance The Roach (Rust 5044)
    1962 - Mack The Knife / You Can't Be Happy By Yourself (Rust 5046)
    1963 - Tra La La La Suzy* / I Love The Summertime* (Rust 5067)
    1964 - Hey Jean, Hey Dean* / Please Don't Tell Me Now* (Rust 5075)
    1964 - I Wanna Be Loved / Thread Your Needle** (Rust 5081)
    1964 - Goddess Of Love / The Man Who Will Never Grow Old (Rust 5085)
    1964 - Sticks And Stones / In My Way (Rust 5089)
    1965 - Goddess Of Love / Lovingly Yours (Rust 5100)
    1966 - I Love The Summertime / She's Too Respectable (Rust 5107)
    N/A - Seven Day Wonder* / The Man Who Will Never Grow Old (Rust TR 1)
    N/A - Lucky Old Sun (Laurie unreleased)**

    *bb the uncredited Del Satins
    **credited to Dean & Jean, but actually by Brenda Lee Jones solo
    *** released on the Crystal Ball LP 106 in 1982



    Welton Young, a former member of The King Toppers, teamed up with Brenda Lee Jones (later Brenda Lee Nelson) to form the duo of “Dean & Jean.”  They recorded for Buckeye, Ember and the Laurie subsidiary Rust, from late 1958 through 1966, and had some Pop chart hits


    Their debut was We're Gonna Get Married for Buckeye in 1958. Their first record for Allen Sussel's Rust label, he also ran the Andie, Emge, and Laurie imprints, was Dance The Roach # 5044.

    Dean & Jean

    They eventually issued something like nine releases on the label and had a minor hit with the third Tra La La La Suzy, the above was their fourth. (“Tra La La La Suzy” went to #35 and “Hey Dean, Hey Jean” made it to #32).

    French Eps

    Interestingly EMI picked up three of their records and issued them in the UK on Stateside, one of which was the above stormer (see below).  Stateside also released When The Boys Happy, which was also a Rust release USA.

    Songs :

    Oh Yeah                We’re Gonna Get Married               Too Young To Know

    Never Let Your Love Fade Away        Turn It Off        Come Take A Walk With Me

    Dance The Roach                Mack The Knife                Tra La La Suzy

    I Love The Summertime         Hey Jean, Hey Dean        Please Don’t Tell Me Now

    I Wanna Be Loved              Thread Your Needle               Goddess Of Love

    Sticks And Stones                 In My Way                      Lovingly Yours

    She’s Too Respectable            Seven Day Wonder                 Luck Old Sun







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