• Clydie King & The Sweet Things (1)

    Clydie King & The Sweet Things (1)

    Clydie King & The Sweet Things (1) (Los Angeles)
    Ref : Little Clydie & The Teens (1)


    Personnel :

    Clydie King

    Sherlie Matthews


    Discography :

    Clydie King & The Sweet Things (1)
    1962 - Boys In My Life / Promises   (Philips 40001)
    1962 - Turn Around / Don't Hang Up The Phone (Philips 40051)
    1963 - Only The Guilty Cry / By Now (Philips 40107)

    Little Clydie & The Teens (1)
    1956 - A Casual Look / Oh Me (RPM 462)


    Biography :

    Clydie King, a singer who started recording at the age of 13, and progressed to become one of the most in demand singers of the LA music scene.  Clydie Mae Crittendon was born in Dallas, Texas, on August 21, 1943. She is generally thought a backing singer, but in fact has made many records of her own, some of them a surprisingly long time ago. She made her first, ‘A Casual Look’ b/w ‘Oh Me’, in the mid-1950s in Memphis, for the Bihari Brothers’ label RPM, billed as by Little Clydie King & The Teens. Soon afterwards, credited as Clydie King, she made two singles on Speciality. She even did a stint with Don Julian's Meadowlarks.

    Clydie King & The Sweet Things (1)    Clydie King & The Sweet Things (1)

    In early 1962, with Sherlie Matthews, she made three further singles for Philips as Clydie King & the Sweet Things. Later,  Clydie King & Sherlie Matthews was part of Bonnie & The Treasures, The Blackberries… Clydie was a member of Ray Charles' Raeletts for three years and contributed to early 1960s recordings by producer Phil Spector.  But it was a number of mid 60's singles on Imperial that were to be the highmark of her solo career.

    Clydie King & The Sweet Things (1)     Clydie King & The Sweet Things (1)   

    The Raelettes (1965)  with Clydie King,                                                                    Clydie King                    

    Done at Gold Star with most of the 'Wrecking Crew', 'Missin' My Baby' is one of the best records to come out of LA during this time....with No apology to Phil Spector.Clydie went on to sing with a who who's of music superstars....Dylan, Rolling Stones, Streisand, but Pookie will always Think of Clydie with the sound of this one.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Clydie King & The Sweet Things (1)

         Boys In My Life                          Only The Guilty Cry

     By Now                                       Promises

    Little Clydie & The Teens (1)

       Oh Me                                     A Casual Look


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