• The Neons (1)

     The Neons (1)

      The Neons (First Group)

     The Neons (1) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Frank Vignari (Lead)

    Jeff Pearl (Second Tenor)

    John D'Avirro (Baritone)

    Pat Fatibene (Bass)

    Nick Bernini (First Tenor)


    Discography :

    1956 - Angel Face / Kiss Me Quickly (Tetra 4444)
    1957 - Road Of Romance / My Chickadee (Tetra 4449)
    1960 - Golden Dreams / Angel Face (Gone 5090)
    1974 - Golden Dreams / Honey Bunn (Vintage 1016)


    Biography :

    Doo-wop group from the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, NY, the Neons' influences included the Harptones, Cadillacs, Moonglows, Spaniels, and the Flamingos. They befriended Raoul Cita, the Harptones' musical arranger, who tightened their harmony and presentation, something he did for many other New York groups. Cita introduced them to Monty Bruce, the owner of Bruce Records and the guy who recorded the Harptones. Bruce formed a new label, Tetra Records, for the Neons' releases. Their Tetra debut dropped in the fall of 1956. "Angel Face" broke out in the New York/Philadelphia area and received some national attention. The members wrote the song and its flip "Kiss Me Quickly." When it took off, the gigs came. Many were surprised to see four white guys doo-wopping, but it worked.

    Monty Bruce                                                                                            Raoul Cita              

    The original Neons group that recorded for Tetra Records in 1956 ("Angel Face") consisted of Frank Vignari - lead, Jeff Pearl - 2nd tenor, John D'Avirro - baritone and Pat Fatibene - bass. Frank Vignari overdubbed the first tenor part on the record. When the record took off, Nick Bernini joined the group as the first tenor for live performances.  These five members recorded in 1957 "Road To Romance" on Tetra Records. The Neons had John D'Avirro's best friend Ed Augustyn as their guitar player. Ed was already a professional guitar player and had to be paid union scale. Ed was considered an original Neon and was the lead guitarist on "Angel Face." He dropped out, to go to college, before the Neons recorded "Road To Romance" (Ed became a scientist). The Neons considered the original group a 6 man group.

      The Neons (Second Group)

    In 1958, The Neons consisted of Frank Vignari, Jeff Pearl and two new members, Ron Derin and Norm Isacoff. They are the 2nd Neons group, that formed to be a Night Club act. The two new members are not on the Tetra Record releases of 1956 and 1957. They are on "Golden Dreams" on Gone Records (with the original "Angel Face" on the flip) which came out in 1960. Ron and Norm are also on "Honey Bun" b/w "Golden Dreams" (recorded for Al Browne in the early 1970s with Frank and Jeff) that came out on Vintage Records. The original Neons did record "Golden Dreams" and "Honey Bun" too, but those versions never came out.   ---------    By Bobby Diskin - Brooklyn, NY.

    Songs :

    Angel Face                            Kiss Me Quickly

    Road of Romance                             My Chickadee

    Golden Dreams                                  Honey Bun     


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    Bobby Diskin
    Sunday 27th March 2022 at 06:03

    What happened to the  great picture of the original six man Neon's group that Frank Vignari gave me over 30 years ago,  Why was it removed?

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