• Mike & The Utopians (1)
     Mike Lasman

    Mike & The Utopians (1) (Brooklyn, N.Y)


    Personnel :

    Mike Lasman (Lead)

    Jimmy McQueen (Tenor)

    Earl (Baritone)

    Stuart Cohen (Bass)


    Discography :

    1958 - Erlene / I Wish (Cee Jay 574)
    1958 - Erlene / I Found A Penny (Cee Jay 574)


    Biography :

    Danny Robinson was the brother of Bobby Robinson, who owned Red Robin and Fury Records. Danny himself owned several Harlem labels like Holiday and Everlast. Clarence Johnson, who assisted Danny Robinson with his amateur vocal groups began his own label, Cee Jay Records, in the Bronx. One of the aspiring groups Johnson had in his stable was Mike & The Utopians. The one-record quintet from the Bedford-Stuyvesant Section of Brooklyn (NY) consisted of : Mike Lasman (Lead ), Jimmy McQueen (Tenor), Earl ? (Baritone) & Stuart Cohen (Bass) and ?.

    Mike & The Utopians (1)   Mike & The Utopians (1)

    "I Wish" b/w "Erlene" Cee-Jay 574 was pressed twice in 1958. "Erlene" was the "A" side on both pressings. The flip sides were both the same recording with different titles . The other title of this recording is "I Found A Penny (And I Made A Wish)." Both pressings were from 1958, but exact release dates of each pressing are not known. Mike Lasman later sang with the Dreamers on Guaranteed, the Accents on Sultan, and the Concords on Herald.



    Erlene                                                      I Wish

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  • The Tads aka The Dots (4)
    (L to R) Duke Draper, Leroy Fullylove, Emerson Bilton and Charles Fullylove 

    The Tads  (Phoenix, Arizona)
    aka The Dots (4)


    Personnel :

    Leroy Fullylove

    Charles Fullylove

    Emerson Bilton

    Robie Robinson

    Discography :

    The Tads

    Singles :
    1956 - Your Reason / The Pink Panther (Liberty Bell 9010/Dot 15518)
    1957 - She's my Dream / Wolf Call  (Rev 3513)
    Unreleased :
    1957 - Glowing Moon (Porter)
    1957 - Hey Little Girl (Porter)
    1957 - Mixed Up Mama (Porter)
    1960 - Bumble Bee (Demo) (Atlantic)

    The Dots (4)
    1957 - Ring Chimes / Wolf Call (Rev 3512)

    Biography :

    The most prolific Phoenix black vocal group The Tads, Who had already recorded for the liberty Bell label (The Supreme Your Reason and Hazlewood's Pink Panther, later leased to Dot.) produced by air-conditioning salesman and musical entrepreneur Frank Porter in 1957.

    They are four songs on a small tape that Porter remembers recording in the laundry room of his house on Stella Lane.In October 1957, Rev released Ring Chimes and Wolf Call as by the Dots for some unknown reason.

    Then in January 1958, Rev released Wolf Call Backed with She is my dream.
    Anchored by leader and songwriter Leroy Fullylove with brother Charles, Emerson Bilton and Robie Robinson who was replaced by Madero White (brother of Carl White of The Sharps and The Rivingtons).


    The quartet would feature an ever-changing cast of members, including Duke Draper, through the end of 1961 when they disbanded. The group recorded Three songs for Porter Records, but all were unreleased.

     The Tads almost made it big, though, when Loy Clingman sent Fullylove’s demo of his composition “Bumble Bee” to Atlantic in 1960 via Duane Eddy’s manager Al Wilde.  Unfortunately, instead of signing The Tads, Atlantic lifted the arrangement, note for note, for LaVern Baker’s very successful recording.

    She also claimed half of the writer’s credit on the first pressings, although that mistake was later corrected to give Fullylove his proper due…and royalties.

    Thanks to Markowee



    Songs :

    The Tads

    Glowing Moon                          Your Reason                               The Pink Panther

    Hey Little Girl                              Mixed Up Mama                          Bumble Bee

    The Dots (4)

    Ring Chimes




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  •  The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)
    Dean Barlow

    The Bachelors (4) (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Montereys (3)
    ref The Crickets

    Personnel :

    Dean Barlow (Lead)

    Bill Lindsay (Second Tenor)

    Billy Baines (Bass)

    Ed "Sonny" Jordan (Tenor)

    Waldo Champen (Tenor)

    Discography :

    The Bachelors (4)
    1956 - Dolores / I Want To Know About Love (Earl 101)

    Dean Barlow & The Bachelors (4)
    1956 - Baby / Tell Me Now (Earl 102)

    Dean Barlow & The Montereys (3)
    1957 - Dearest One / Through The Years (Onyx 513)
    1957 - Angel / Tell Me Why (Onyx 517)(Never issued)

    Biography :

    Dean Barlow, originally named Grover Barlow, was the one constant through several different versions of the Crickets. He also sang in several other groups and attempted a solo career with a series of singles on the Jay Dee label. Label proprietor Joe Davis was a strong supporter of Barlow, hiring recording engineers time and time again to point microphones in the direction of his hauntingly expressive voice. The third Crickets configuration (Dean Barlow, Bill Lindsay, Bobby Spencer and Freddy Barksdale) stayed together for about a year. Grover Barlow was introduced as "Dean Barlow".

     The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)     The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)
    The third Crickets group : Barlow, Spencer, Lindsay and Barksdale                                Waldo Champen                                

    He announced and sang his new solo recording ("I'll String Along With You"), which the group didn't even know existed. In spite of this, they did a few more shows together before breaking up definitely.In 1956, Bill Lindsay eventually re-joined Dean Barlow in a new group : The Bachelors, the other members were Billy Baines, Ed "Sonny" Jordan, and Waldo Champen . The new group released two records on the tiny Earl label (owned by Tommy "Dr. Jive" Smalls and Sammy Lowe). The first was "I Want To Know About Love" (led by Dean) c/w "Dolores". The second was "Baby" c/w "Tell Me Now" (both led by Dean). The Bachelors eventually changed their name to the Montereys, recording four songs for Jerry Winston's Onyx label in early 1957.

     The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)   The Bachelors (4) aka The Montereys (3)
                                                                                                                                        Dean Barlow & Bill Lindsay

    Their only Onyx release was "Dearest One" (a duet lead by Dean Barlow and Bill Lindsay), backed with "Through The Years" (fronted by Sonny Jordan) in August 1957 (Onyx 513). "Dearest One" became a regional hit in New York. There was supposed to be a second Montereys record: "Angel" (led by Bill Lindsay), backed with "Tell Me Why" (led by Dean). It was slated to be released as Onyx 517, but for some reason was never issued. These were Dean's last group records.

    Songs :

    The Bachelors (4)

                Dolores                            I Want To Know About Love

    Dean Barlow & The Bachelors (4)

      Baby                                                Tell Me Now

    Dean Barlow & The Montereys (3)

       Dearest One                                Through The Years

    Angel                                             Tell Me Why

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  •  The Rockers (2) aka The Trojans (2)

    The Rockers (2) (St. Louis)
    aka  The Trojans (2)


    Personnel :

    Art Lassiter (Lead)

    Douglas Martin

    George Green

    Murrey Green

    Discography :

    The Trojans (2)
    1955 - As Long As I Have You / I Wanna Make Love To You (RPM 446)

    The Rockers (2)
    1956 - What Am I To Do / I’ll Die In Love With You (Federal 12267)
    1956 - Down In The Bottom / Why Don’t You Believe (Federal 12273)
    1957 - Tell Me Why / Count Every Star (Carter 3029)

    Biography :

    Lassiter was born in 1928 in North Carolina. His parents were cotton sharecroppers, and Lassiter began singing after joining his uncles' gospel group. At the age of 14, he moved to Newark, New Jersey to live with his mother who had moved there for work. While in Newark, Lassiter performed with the Jubilaires. Lassiter later joined the United States Army and served during the Korean War. After leaving active service, Lassiter returned to the United States. During a cross-country drive, he broke down in St. Louis. While there he sang at an amateur club night, and was given a permanent booking. He often sang covers of Ray Charles songs, and formed The Bel-Airs with brothers George and Murrey Green and Douglas Martin. By late 1955, the band renamed themselves The Trojans and recorded with RCA Records, backing Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm. The group backed Turner again the following February, this time on Federal Records under the name of The Rockers.

    The Rockers (2) aka The Trojans (2)
    Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm

    Turner offered Lassiter a place in his Rhythm Revue, where he subsequently met and worked with Tina Turner, Sam Cooke, and Albert Cook. In March 1960, Turner chose Lassiter to front the Kings of Rhythm. Lassiter's trio of backup singers — Robbie Montgomery, Frances Hodges, and Sandra Harding  were called The Artettes, and eventually formed the foundation of The Ikettes. Ike Turner wrote "A Fool in Love" specifically for Lassiter, but Lassiter failed to turn up to the song's recording session at the expensive Technosonic Studios in St Louis. Tina Turner—then going by the stage name Little Ann—knew the song from rehearsal sessions, and recorded a guide track to act as a demo. Lassiter's failure to appear for the session was around the time he had disagreements with Ike Turner over financial matters; he was soon no longer a member of the Rhythm Revue.

    Songs :

    The Trojans (2)

     As Long As I Have You                  I Wanna Make Love To You

    The Rockers (2)

    What Am I To Do                           Down In The Bottom

    Tell Me Why                         Count Every Star

    I’ll Die In Love With You                        Why Don’t You Believe

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  •  The Angelos aka Linda Martell & The Anglos (1)

    The Angelos (Leesville, South Carolina)
    aka Linda Martell & The Anglos (1)

    Personnel :

    Thelma Bynem "Linda Martell"

    L. Bynem


    Discography :

    Linda Martell & The Anglos (1)
    1962 - A Little Tear (Was Falling From My Eyes) / The Things I Do For You (Fire 512)

    The Angelos
    1963 - Lonely Hours / Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby (Vee Jay 531)
    1964 - Bad Motorcycle (Wooden Wooden) / Backfield In Motion (Tollie 9003)

    Discography :

    Linda Martell (born Thelma Bynem) was born in Leesville, South Carolina the daughter of pastor Clarence Bynem. Singing began for Linda in Leesville's (S. C.) St. Mark's Baptist Church, where Linda, her sister and three brothers sang in the choir. When Linda turned 16, her voice seemed a natural for rhythm and blues and she began singing around her home state with her sister, a cousin and her brothers who formed a band.

     The Angelos aka Linda Martell & The Anglos (1)     The Angelos aka Linda Martell & The Anglos (1)
                                                                                   Linda Martell

    In 1961, the girls, Linda, her sister and her cousin formed a vocal trio called the Anglos. The Anglos cut "A Little Tear" b/w "The Things I Do For You" on Bobby Robinson's Fire Records (1962, as Linda Martell & the Anglos). The group also recorded two singles for Vee-Jay records and Vee-Jay’s subsidiary Tollie Records as The Angelos with "Lonely Hours"  written by Linda and "Backfield In Motion" by her brother Elzie - both produced by Ray Stevens

     The Angelos aka Linda Martell & The Anglos (1)

    The family group enjoyed a modest success for eight years. They sang behind the Drifters and recorded behind Jimmy Hughes. They really divided when her cousin got married. In 1969, she joined Shelby Singleton's Plantation Records. Linda Martell was a chocolate-brown beauty from South Carolina who had a hit song, "Color Him Father," on the country radio.


    Songs :

    Linda Martell & The Anglos (1)

            A Little Tear                                  The Things I Do For You

    The Angelos

           Lonely Hours                   Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby

    Bad Motorcycle (Wooden Wooden)                  Backfield In Motion




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