• The Nobles (1)  (New Haven, Connecticut)


    Personnel :

    Dicky Bernardo

    Joey Kakulis

    Sal Tramauche

    Pat Cosenza

    Discography :

    The Nobles (1)
    1957 - Poor Rock'n'Roll / Ting A Ling (Klick 305)
    1963 - Why Be A Fool / The Search (Time Square 33)
    1964 - Crime Don't Pay / Darkness (Time Square 12)
    1976 - Oh Baby / My Confession (by the Blue Dots) (Robin Hood 136)

    Nicky & The Nobles (1)
    1958 - School Bells / School Day Crush (Gone 5039 / End 098)

    Biography :

    "Poor Rock'n'Roll" was recorded in the winter of 1958, immediately following attack by boston and New Haven city officials on the Alan Freed touring "Big Beat" rock and roll stage shows. A near riot in Boston led to the subsequent banning of Freed' show in New Haven which directly inspired the Nobles' song. 


    They recorded "Poor Rock'n'Roll" and "Ting A ling"for the Marty Kugell Klik Records Label. Kugell managed many artists like The 5 Satins, Nutmegs, Pyramids, and Gene Pitney. According to Paul Lepri's "New Haven Sound" book, the original Nobles were Dicky Bernardo, Joey Kakulis, Sal Tramauche and Pat Cosenza.

    Later Nickie Delano joined the group and they cut their best 45 "School Bells for Gone Records. "Why Be A Fool" supposedly dates from 1956 while "Crime Don't Pay", according to Lepri is from 1957.

    Songs :

    The Nobles (1)

    Poor Rock'n'Roll                     Ting A Ling                        Why Be A Fool

    The Search                               Darkness                    Crime Don't Pay

    Oh Baby

    Nicky & The Nobles (1)

    School Bells                           School Day Crush


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  •  The Fabulous Denos aka The Fabulous Dinos
    The Fabulous Dino's in 1963

    The Fabulous Denos (Atlanta, Georgia)
    aka The Fabulous Dinos

    Personnel :

    Bobby Dixon (aka Bobby Lee Fears & Bobby Brown)

    Rickey Andrews

    Alan Pace

    James Henry Walker

    Hezekiah Sheffield

    Discography :

    The Fabulous Dino’s
    1962 - Instant Love / Retreat (Saber 105/109)

    The Fabulous Dinos
    1963 - That Same Old Song / Where Have You Been (Musicor 1025)
    Unreleased :
    1963 - Diamond Ring (Musicor)

    The Fabulous Denos
    1964 - Once I Had A Love / Bad Girl (King 5908)
    1964 - I've Enjoyed Being Loved By You / Hard To Hold Back Tears (King 5971)

    Biography :

    Their story begins at Atlanta's Booker T. Washington High School in 1959. James Henry Walker, Bobby Dixon, Allan Pace, Hezekiah Sheffield and Rickey Andrews were all into the sounds of Hank Ballard & the Midnighters, The "5" Royales and James Brown & His Famous Flames. Like many teenagers at the time, they decided to form a vocal group themselves, which they called The Fabulous Dinos. After performing at parties , the group moved into the local club circuit and started to gain a local following.

    The Fabulous Denos in 1965

    By 1961 the members had graduated from Washington High, began taking their craft more seriously and found their way into Bill Lowery's Master Sound Studios to record their first single for the NRC custom label Saber which was "Instant Love" b/w "Retreat" (Saber 105). In 1963, the group cut one single for Musicor "That Same Old Song" b/w "Where Have You Been". After an unsuccessful release on New York's Musicor Records in 1962, the group was drawn to Macon, Georgia were more opportunities for an R&B group at the time. After a number of shows around Macon, the Fabulous Denos were noticed in 1964 by Oscar Mack, who was already running with Otis Redding. Mack introduced the young men to Phil Walden who recommended they try King Records, which had an office on Mulberry Street.

                                                                                          Bobby Dixon

    Over at King they met Bobby Smith who signed the group and quickly got them into the recording studio. The first King 45 was "Bad Girl" b/w "Once I Had A Love" (King 5908), and was followed by "I Enjoy Being Loved By You" b/w "Hard To Hold Back Tears" (King 5971). "Bad Girl" became a hit, which led to the group touring the United States and Canada for the next four years. By 1969, the Fabulous Denos had disbanded, but Rickey Andrews was back out in the Atlanta night clubs performing with various bands, and in time was ready to give recording another shot. The Denos had received no money from the sales of their King 45s, and been living off of what they made on the road.



    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Fabulous Dino’s

    Retreat                                      Instant Love

    The Fabulous Dinos

    Where Have You Been           Where Have You Been

    The Fabulous Denos

    Once I Had A Love                            Bad Girl

    I've Enjoyed Being Loved By You                    Hard To Hold Back Tears




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  • The Legends (1) Ref : The Kartunes

     The Legends (1) (Manhattan, New York)
    Ref : The Kartunes

    Personnel :

    Marshall Samples (Tenor vocals)

    Ron Warwell (Baritone vocals)

    Bobby Weinstein (Tenor vocals)

    Dominick Fleres (Piano)

    Richard "Chico" Brunson (Tenor)

    Sampson Reese (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Legends (1)
    1956 - The Eyes Of An Angel / I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Melba 109)
    1957 - The Legend Of Love / Now I'm Telling You (Hull 727)

    The Kartunes
    Singles :
    1957 - Raindrops / Will You Marry Me? (When We Graduate) (M-G-M 12598)
    1958 - Willie The Weeper / Dedicated To Love (M-G-M 12680)
    Unreleased :
    1958 - Ringalivo (M-G-M)
    1958 - Victim  (M-G-M)


    Biography :

    Bobby Weinstein grew up in New York City, and attended the School of Industrial Art in Manhattan. While there, he formed a vocal group, The Legends, with fellow students Marshall Samples, Ron Warwell, Richard "Chico" Brunson, Sampson Reese and Dominick Fleres. The group won a talent contest at the Apollo Theater in 1955.

    The Legends (1) Ref : The Kartunes    The Legends (1) Ref : The Kartunes
    Morty Craft                                                                                                                                         

    Around June of 1956, the guys decided the time was right for getting the Legends sound down on wax, They just walked in to Morty Craft's Melba label (at 1674 Broadway) and auditioned for him, Craft was impressed and set up a session. Melba released "The Eyes Of An Angel" b/w "I'll Never Fall In Love"  around September 1956.

    The Legends (1) Ref : The Kartunes  The Legends (1) Ref : The Kartunes  The Legends (1) Ref : The Kartunes  The Legends (1) Ref : The Kartunes
           Bobby Weinstein                      Dominick Fleres                        Ron Warwell                   Richard "Chico" Brunson

    In late 1957, they had another go at recording. This time, they went down the block from Melba, to Hull Records, at 1595 Broadway. Again they walked in cold, and auditioned for Bea Caslon (owner of Hull, along with Billy Dawn Smith and William Henry Miller). Bea signed them on the spot. At Hull, the Legends recorded  two songs: "The Legend Of Love" and "Now I'm Telling You" .  The record sold moderately well but some internal problems triggered the separation of the group. Bobby Weinstein  and  Dominick Fleres joined the Kartunes  with Vincent Cassaro , Paul Rubenstein and Bill Barbaris. The Kartunes recorded two singles released by MGM.

    The Legends (1) Ref : The Kartunes  The Legends (1) Ref : The Kartunes
    Bill Barbaris (The Kartunes), Don Costa & Bob Weinstein  (The Legends & The Kartunes)                                                      

     In 1957, Bobby Weinstein began writing songs with Teddy Randazzo, who had sung in another vocal group, The Three Chuckles.  Their first major hit as co-writers was "Pretty Blue Eyes," recorded by Steve Lawrence and produced by Don Costa, which reached no. 9 on the pop charts at the start of 1960.


    Songs :

    The Legends (1)

    The Eyes Of An Angel                     I'll Never Fall In Love Again

    The Legend Of Love                       Now I'm Telling You

    The Kartunes

       Raindrops                                      Will You Marry Me?

    Dedicated To Love                       Willie The Weeper




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    The Mellokings (Mount Vernon, New York)
    aka The Mellotones (2) aka The Mello-Kings


    Personnel :

    Jerry Scholl (Lead)

    Bob Scholl (Tenor)

    Eddie Quinn (Second Tenor)

    Neil Arena (Baritone)

    Larry Esposito (Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    The Mellotones
    1957 - Tonite, Tonite / Do Baby Do (Herald 502)

    The Mellokings
    1957 - Tonite, Tonite / Do Baby Do (Herald 502)
    1957 - Chapel On The Hill / Sassafras (Herald 507) 

    1957 - Baby Tell Me (Why, Why, Why) / The Only Girl (Herald 511)

    1958 - Valerie / She's Real Cool (Herald 518)
    1959 - Chip Chip / Running To You (Herald 536)

    1960 - Our Love Is Beautiful / Dear Mr. Jock (Herald 548)

    1960 - Kid Stuff / I Promise (Herald 554)

    1961 - Penny /' Till There Was None (Herald 1961)

    1961 - Love At First Sight / She's Real Cool (Herald 567)
    1965 - Tonight, Tonight / Thrill Me (Flashback 2)
    1977 - Tonight, Tonight / Chapel On The Hill (Janus 722)

    The Mello-Kings
    1962 - But You Lied / Walk Softly (Lescay 3009)
    1966 - Tonite Tonite / Chip Chip (Lana 124)


    Eps :
    1958 -The Fabulous Mello.Kings (Herald EP 451)
    Tonite Tonite / She's Real Cool / The Only Girl (I'll Ever Love) / Do Baby Do



    Lps :
    1960 - The Mellokings Sing (Herald LP-1013)
    Tonight Tonight / I Promise, Our Love Is Beautiful / Sassafras / The Only Girl / Once On A Windy Day / Kid Stuff / Chapel On The Hill /Starbright / Valarie / Chip Chip / Baby Tell Me (Why, Why, Why)

    1981 - The Mellokings  "Greatest Hits"  (Relic 5035/Herald LP-1013)
    Tonite Tonite / She's Real Cool / The Only Girl (I'll Ever Love) / Do Baby Do / Chapel On The Hill / Dear Mr. Jock / Kid Stuff / Thrill Me / Valerie / Love At First Sight /  Running To You / Baby Tell Me / Til There Were None / Sassafras / Our Love Is Beautiful / I Promise / Chip Chip / Penny



    Biography :

    The group formed in 1956 in Mount Vernon, New York . By the fall of 1956, they were calling themselves the Mellotones, gaining attention in the local area and catching the ear of a black pianist named Dick Levister, who offered to become the group's manager and accompany them during live performances. It was Levister who brought them to the attention of Al Silver, who owned both the Herald and Ember labels.

    Silver, one of the pioneering R&B label owners, had by this point already recorded and released numerous hit singles by acts , including the Nutmegs , the Five Satins (whose "In the Still of the Night," a smash in 1956, had been leased to Ember; they later scored a hit for the label with "To the Aisle," a Top Ten R&B hit -- number 25 pop -- in the summer of 1957), and the Turbans (whose "When You Dance" was the group's best charter for Herald").

    Silver liked what he heard and the group -- with their trademark white jackets (at Levister's insistence, supposedly) - helped them forge an identity with the teenage public. For the Mellotones' first release, Silver chose a tune called "Tonite, Tonite" (Herald number 502), written by Billy Myles (who also penned "All My Love You Were Made For" with Jackie Wilson). It was released during the summer of 1957 and became an immediate regional smash hit.

    Unfortunately, Silver discovered too late that there was already a record out that summer on George Goldner's Gee label by a group called the Mello-Tones, (their "Rosie Lee" later climbed into the Top 24 on the pop charts). A quick name change was in order and using Levister's nickname "King," "Tonite, Tonite" (Herald number 502) was quickly re-released as by the Mello-Kings.


        The single was a big seller in the Northeast, again having regional ties. They made more than one TV appearance with Dick Clark on both the daily American Bandstand and his weekly Saturday Night show for ABC network.  The follow-up single in September 1957, Chapel On The Hill was another lovely ballad while the flip, Sassafras was more of a novelty teen rock ‘n’ roller. Before the year was out Herald released a third single, the uptempo Baby Tell Me Why, Why, Why and the ballad The Only Girl. Despite promotional appearances and national exposure on the likes of American Bandstand and working an Irvin Feld 17 day tour featuring the Everly Brothers, the Crickets, the Rays, the Hollywood Flames, Eddie Cochran, and Jimmy Rodgers, they still couldn’t crack the charts.

      In the spring of 1958, the Mellokings became a four-piece when Neil Arena left. Mot long after, Larry Esposito also left, and the Mellokings replaced them with Louis Jannacone and Tony Pinto. This was the line-up that recorded Chip Chip in November 1958. Released in January 1959, Chip Chip is a great novelty that had hit record written all over it. The flip Running To You was a nice slowie that had more than a hint of Dion about it.  It was over a year before the next release, another lovely ballad, Our Love Is Beautiful backed by the neat Dear Mr. Jock. By the end of 1960 the group was back to being a quartet with Jerry Scholl, Bobby Scholl, Lou Jannacone, and Tony Pinto. Kid Stuff and I Promise from September ’60 both have their moments but if Valerie and Chip Chip weren’t going to hit, these certainly wouldn’t.

    With doo-wop enjoying a second coming as early as 1961, the Mellokings could have been forgiven for thinking that they were finally in the right place as the right time. Penny is heavily stringed but the vocals are nice enough but it was their final Herald release in October where they hit their highest artistic heights since Tonite Tonite. Love At First Sight has everything a classic doo-wop record should have, relentless ooh-ah’s behind a lifting lead vocal. It’s a beauty and with Bobby Scholl sublime. Among the autographs he was signing at the time, the biggest was for a certain Uncle Sam, as he was drafted.


    Videos :

    Tonite, Tonite

    Songs :

    Tonite, Tonite / Do Baby Do            Chapel On The Hill / Sassafras

    Valerie / She's Real Cool                    Chip Chip / Running To You

    Baby Tell Me (Why...)              The Only Girl              Our Love Is Beautiful

    Dear Mr. Jock                       Kid Stuff                          I Promise

    Penny                          Till There Was None                    Love At First Sight

    Thrill Me                              Once on A Windy Day


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  •  The Counts (3) aka The Twisters (4)

    The Counts (3) (Athens, Ga)
    aka The Twisters (4)

    Personnel :

    Harry White (Waller)

    Earl Graves

    Joseph L Haynesworth Jr.

    Glouze ?

    Discography :

    The Twisters (4)
    1961 - Please Come Back / This Is The End  (Sun-Set 501)

    The Counts( 3)
    1961 - Twist'N All Night / Touch-Me (Sun-Set 502)

    Biography :

    Sun-Set was a tiny label that only issued two singles. Two singles by the same group, but under two different names, The Counts & The Twisters…

     The Counts (3) aka The Twisters (4)   The Counts (3) aka The Twisters (4)



    Songs :

    The Twisters (4)

    Please Come Back                              This Is The End


    The Counts (3)

    Touch-Me                                     Twist'N All Night




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