• The Nobles (1)  (New Haven, Connecticut)


    Personnel :

    Dicky Bernardo

    Joey Kakulis

    Sal Tramauche

    Pat Cosenza

    Discography :

    The Nobles (1)
    1957 - Poor Rock'n'Roll / Ting A Ling (Klick 305)
    1963 - Why Be A Fool / The Search (Time Square 33)
    1964 - Crime Don't Pay / Darkness (Time Square 12)
    1976 - Oh Baby / My Confession (by the Blue Dots) (Robin Hood 136)

    Nicky & The Nobles (1)
    1958 - School Bells / School Day Crush (Gone 5039 / End 098)

    Biography :

    "Poor Rock'n'Roll" was recorded in the winter of 1958, immediately following attack by boston and New Haven city officials on the Alan Freed touring "Big Beat" rock and roll stage shows. A near riot in Boston led to the subsequent banning of Freed' show in New Haven which directly inspired the Nobles' song. 


    They recorded "Poor Rock'n'Roll" and "Ting A ling"for the Marty Kugell Klik Records Label. Kugell managed many artists like The 5 Satins, Nutmegs, Pyramids, and Gene Pitney. According to Paul Lepri's "New Haven Sound" book, the original Nobles were Dicky Bernardo, Joey Kakulis, Sal Tramauche and Pat Cosenza.

    Later Nickie Delano joined the group and they cut their best 45 "School Bells for Gone Records. "Why Be A Fool" supposedly dates from 1956 while "Crime Don't Pay", according to Lepri is from 1957.

    Songs :

    The Nobles (1)

    Poor Rock'n'Roll                     Ting A Ling                        Why Be A Fool

    The Search                               Darkness                    Crime Don't Pay

    Oh Baby

    Nicky & The Nobles (1)

    School Bells                           School Day Crush


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