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The Pirates (4) aka The Temptations (4) | 05 avril 2011

The Pirates (4) aka The Temptations (4)  (Detroit, Michigan)

Personnel :

Otis Williams

Melvin Franklin

Eddie Kendricks

Paul Williams

Elbrige Bryant

Discography :

1962 - Mind Over Matter  / I'll Love You Till I Die (Mel-O-Dy 105)

Biography :

In 1962 Berry Gordy released "Mind Over Matter" on the Mel-O-dy label by The Pirates, who were The Temptations and according to Otis Williams this was the only time they prayed for a flop, and it did.


They covering the Nolan Strong & The Diablos classic Detroit hit, "Mind Over Matter (I'm Gonna Make You Mine).

Songs :

Mind Over Matter                    I'll Love You Till I Die

Cds :



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