• The Resolutions

    The Resolutions
    Billy Vera

    The Resolutions  (Wetchester, New York)

    Personnel :

    Billy Vera (Lead / Falsetto / Bass)

    Discography :

    1962 - January First 1962 / The Traveling Salesman (Valentine 1000)

    Biography :

    Billy Vera (born William Patrick McCord;[1] May 28, 1944) is an American singer, songwriter, actor, author and music historian. He has been a singer and songwriter since the 1960s, his most successful record being "At This Moment", a US number 1 hit in 1987. Vera was born in Riverside, California, and is the son of the radio and television announcer Bill McCord. His mother, singer Ann Ryan, was a member of the Ray Charles Singers backing Perry Como on his TV show and his hit records. His first recording was “January 1st, 1962” which came out on Billy Mure’s Valentine label. Under the direction of Jim Gribble associate, Stan Vincent, Billy sang lead, backed by a couple of Gribble’s singers. Billy also overdubbed the bass and falsetto parts. The group was dubbed the Resolutions, but of course, there never was an actual “Resolutions” group.

    The Resolutions   The Resolutions
    Stan Vincent                                                                                                              

    Billy’s second record was “My Heart Cries,” an interpretation of the Etta & Harvey record backed with “All My Love,” a Billy Vera composition. The record came out on the Rust label in 1962 as by Billy Vera and the Contrasts. The Contrasts were actually Billy’s band, the Knight-Riders who were under contract to another label at the time.

    Songs :

        January First 1962                              The Traveling Salesman





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