• The Highlighters (4)

    The Highlighters (4) (Seattle, Wa.)

    Personnel :

    George Palmerton

    Grady McCartt

    Dean Wicka

    Don Fulton

    Tom McMillan

    Discography :

    Unreleased :
    1957 - Hey Senorita (Coral)
    1957 - Heaven and Paradise (Coral)
    1957 - Don't Do It (Coral)
    1957 - You (Coral)
    1957 - In The Still Of The Night (Coral)
    1957 - Blues Stay Away From Me (Coral)
    1957 - I Love You So (Coral)
    1957 - Ring A Ling (Coral)
    1959 - Devil Or Angel
    1959 - BlueWorld (live)

    Biography :

    In 1954, four schoolboys from Seattle's northend were hanging out with a gang of friends no one had ever met.  These were mostly night friends, who lived on radio dials from stations in towns across America. By the time they entered high school, The Highlighters had been performing and rehearsing most nights for a couple of years.   By their junior year they were so heavily booked they often attended school in their stage outfits.

    George Palmerton                                                     The Highlighters

    They were regulars on a Seattle weekly TV show and were often brought in to perform at Rock and Roll traveling shows that played Seattle's big theatres.  In those days they shared the stage with Paul Anka, The Everly Brothers, Bobby Darin and their like.  Between appearances, they did backup vocals on record dates and backgrounds for radio commercials. In 1957 The Highlighters were picked up and signed by Coral Records.

    The group was brought into the studio to record, and put through photo shoots for an album cover. Students of the era might guess what's coming, because at the approach of 1958, Coral Records surprised the industry by announcing bankruptcy and proceeding to go quickly and completely out of the business.  The Highlighters now had a contract with a record company that did not exist.  




    Songs & Cds :



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