• The Chariots (2)
    (l-r) Keith Lardner, Kenneth Ransome, Jimmy Hinds and Frank Manner]

    The Chariots (2) (Liverpool, England)


    Personnel :

    Jimmy Hinds

    Ken Ransome

    Frank Manner

    Keith Lardner


    Discography :

    1962 - Problem Girl / Song Of A Broken Heart (Piccadilly 35061)


    Biography :

    Jimmy Hinds who was born and raised in Liverpool, with the other three members being Keith Lardner from London, West Indian born Ken Ransome and the oldest group member Frank Manner. Nigerian born Frank Manner had been a member of Decca's The Southlanders throughout the 1950's.

    The Chariots (2)

    The Chariots had aspirations to emulate The Drifters but "Problem Child" proved to be their only release. However, they did manage to tour the UK with Little Eva and Brian Hyland .


    Songs :

    Song Of A Broken Heart                          Problem Girl           


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