• The Del Royals (3)
    1960, The Del Royals : Randy, Tommy and Mike with a young girl.

    The Del Royals (1) (Dellroy, Ohio)


    Personnel :

    Sonny Tanner

    Eddie Baggott

    Jan. H. Kennedy


    Discography :

    1960 - Barbara / I'd Wait Forever (Warwick 111/112)


    Biography :

    They were three lads from Dellroy who briefly chased musical fame in 1959: Sonny Tanner, Eddie Baggott and Jan. H. Kennedy. Jan. H. Kennedy met Norman Austen “Sonny” in the summer of 1951.  By their junior year, at Carrollton High School, Eddie, a year younger, joined the boys that year. At Carrollton, they met Jerry Glasser, the youngest of 10 Glasser family kids. His older brother, Richard, professionally known as Dick Lory, had a Top Ten hit and was on American Bandstand. Another brother, Pat, known as Pat Shannon, also appeared with Dick Clark on Bandstand. Jerry, with brothers Teddy and Bobby, recorded as The Three G’s, whose song, “Let’s Get Ready for Summer”, sold well in the New England area, but nowhere else.

    The Del Royals (3)   The Del Royals (3)

    Jerry’s tales of his family’s careers led Sonny, Eddie and Jan to form the Del-Royals. The name reflected not only our hometown but was fashioned after a successful group called the Del-Vikings. Six months later, Richard (Dick Lory,) was able to get them a contract with Warwick Records so they  went to a recording studio in Cleveland to record “Barbara”, written by Fern Britton. On the B side was one of Richard’s songs, “I’d Wait Forever.” The summer of 1959, they did numerous record hops with disc jockeys at KYC in Cleveland, the top rock station in the country, at least for breaking new Rock ‘n Roll songs.  One of the disc jockeys played “Barbara” on his late show one night after a performance in the Cleveland area. The station, and several others in northeast Ohio where they hand-delivered records, started playing “Barbara.” That night and the next three weeks would be the acme of their career.

    Songs :

    Barbara                                            I'd Wait Forever


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