• Danny Cannon

    The Vibraharps (1) (Buffalo, NY)

    Personnel :

    Danny Cannon [aka Lenny O'Henry] (Lead)

    Charles Hargro (Bass)

    Donald Simmons

    Douglas Gibson

    Discography :

    The Vibraharps (1)
    1958 - Walk Beside Me / Cosy With Rosy (Beech 713)
    1959 - It Must Be Magic / Nosey Neighbours (Atco 6134)

    Charles Hargro The Vibraharps (1)
    1959 - Baby Oh Baby / Over And Over (Dab 101)

    Biography :

    The Vibraharps were co-founded by Donnie Elbert with Danny Cannon in 1955. Elbert served as songwriter and arranger . Although The Vibraharps did record some records, Donnie did not feature on them .Otherwise the group was Danny Cannon, Donald Simmons, Douglas Gibson, and Charles Hargro. "Walk Beside Me" is a ballad featuring Charles Hargro unusual bass vocal lead. "Cosy With Rosy" is an uptempo dancer with roots in lots of similar hits of the day.The lead here is probably Danny Cannon. Both sides were written by Buffalo songwriters Bobby Fonville & Ralph Hernandez.

    Donnie Elbert                                                                                                                 

    They would follow with a 1959  single on Atco "It Must Be Magic" b/w "Nosey Neighbours" and a 1959 “Charles Hargro” single on DAB (which is apparently actually involved the whole group).  Soon after Danny Cannon began HIS solo career with the new stage name of Lenny O’Henry. He released five singles in the early 1960s, all very good, on the Atco, ABC-Paramount and Smash labels Charles Hargro even had one further solo release on Buffalo’s Launch Records – a subsidiary of MoDo – circa 1969.

    Bob "The Record Guy" Paxon

    Songs :

    The Vibraharps (1)

    Cosy With Rosy                            Walk Beside Me

    It Must Be Magic                      Nosey Neighbours

    Charles Hargro bb The Vibraharps (1)

    Over And Over                           Baby Oh Baby




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