• The Valentines (2) (Vancouver, British Columbia )
      (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    Personnel :

    Irene Butler

    Nancy Davis

    Joy Findlay

    Miki Shannon

    Discography :

    1961 - The Sock / Sixteen Senoritas (Iona 1003/Sparton 963R)

    Biography :

    They had a brief fling with fame in the winter of 1960/61 when the A-side of their novelty 45, "The Sock" b/w "Sixteen Senoritas" (Iona 1003) hit #3 in the local hit parade Singing back-up, the Valentines had earlier lent their voices to Les Vogt's hit single "The Blamers" b/w "Moon Rocketin'" (Iona 1001, July 1960).


    Nancy continued on with Joy and Miki to do live performances, were included in the Grey Cup Parade, did radio promos with the success of the record and stayed with the group until it broke up in 1962.  The Valentines also backed up several groups for live performance and recordings, including Jerry Doell, Earl King and Jake Doel and Les Vogt (aka Les Vote) .

    Songs :

    The Sock                                         Sixteen Senoritas



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