• The Velvedeers (New York)





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  • rambl

    The Ramblers (Mount Vernon, NY)

    Personnel :

    Richie (Lead)

    Pat Paloscio

    Richard Paloscio

    Jim Marino

    Discography :



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  • The Vermacharms 

    (L to R) - J.B.Bingham, Walter (Simtec) Simmons, Mathew Whitfield, Ronnie Simmons ( guitar).

    The Vermacharms (Chicago)

    Personnel :


    Walter Simmons

    Mathew Whitfield

    Ronnie Simmons

    Biography :

    J.B.Bingham  was born on the 1st of September I945 in Chicago. As a teenager JB cut his teeth singing lead vocals and playing guitar with several neighbourhood groups. One group in particular under the unlikely name of “The Vermacharms” also featured Walter (Simtec ) Simmons, his brother Ronnie Simmons, Mathew Whitfield and JB J.B. Bingham . In 1970, J.B.Bingham and his group "Five Flights Up" had a hit with the song "Do What You Wanna Do"




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