• The Treys

    The Treys (Marshall, TX.)

    Personnel :

    Billie York

    Audrey George

    Irby Whitehurst

    Biography :

    This vocal trio consist of Audrey George, Billie York and Irby Whitehurst, all are freshmen from Marshall High School. The Group has been singing together as a duet, the Rhythmettes. One day Irby Whitehurst chimed in her voice was added to the group. Thus They became the Treys. The Girls went on to win first place in the "New Search For Talent".

    The Treys

    As a result of this, they made numerous appearances on "Search For Talent" and "Refreshment Time" on KTBS TV in 1958. The trio went on road tour under the direction of Hub Brandao. The Treys have been singing in 1959 with Tommy Bale's Band of Dallas and have traveled during the school year to various military bases in Texas and Oklahoma to give programs.




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  • The Chaperones The Chaperones (1959)  L to R :J oe Weakly, Frederick Brown, David Tucker and Richard Barlin


    The Chaperones (Ogden Utah)

    Personnel :

    Joe Weakly

    Frederick Brown

    David Tucker

    Richard Barlin

    Biography :

    Vocal group from Ogden high school senior formed by Joe Weakly, Frederick Brown, David Tucker and Richard Barlin. They started harmonizing just for fun, found they like it, and began practicing in earnest in 1956.

    The Chaperones

    Since they had nowhere else they could practise, they sat huddled together in a parked car, winter and summer, and never missed a night of practicing. In 1958, they were allowed to use a back room in the community center and still later a basement room of a private club.. The Chaperonnes appear all around the area in Clubs, record hop up to 1960.




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  • The Renowns (Akron, Oh)





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  • The Debonaires

    L to R : Leroy McCochran, Tim Richards, Robert Richards & Floyd Richards

    The Debonaires (New Philadelphia, Ohio)

    Personnel :

    Floyd Richards

    Tim Richards

    Robert Richards

    Leroy McCochran


    Biography :

    Vocal group from New Philadelphia High School. This popular singing group  presented a modern version of "Pretty Girl" in 1959.


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  • The Valadeers

    The Valadeers (Miami, Florida)

    Personnel :

    Paul Kelly (Lead)

    Jimmy Cherry (Baritone)

    Biography :

    Paul Kelly was born in Overtown Miami, Florida, the fourth of six siblings. Kelly was brought up by his grandmother. In about 1956, Kelly's brother Henry formed a vocal group, with Paul as lead vocalist. It only lasted a few months, before Henry left Miami to go to college. Paul then formed a group with school friends from 20th Street School — The Spades, later known as The Valadeers. Another member was Jimmy Cherry, who later sang with The Fantastics.

    The Valadeers     The Valadeers  

    Paul Kelly  (1965)                                                                                                                        

    In 1960, Kelly went left the group to go solo, recording the standard, "I'll String Along With You" for Dade Records, which was never released, following a dispute between Kelly and the label. A Miami-based singer/songwriter/producer, Clarence Reid (who would later perform as Blowfly), heard Kelly rehearse, and asked him to fill in on lead vocals with his group, The Delmiros, whose lead singer had laryngitis. Kelly recorded a single, "Down With It, Can't Quit It"/"Sooner Or Later", which was released on Selma Records in 1963, under the name Clarence Reid & The Delmiros. Kelly began performing the song live in clubs and became associated with the song. Reid asked him to join The Delmiros on a permanent basis. Paul left the group to pursue a solo career, releasing his debut solo 45, 'It's My Baby' b/w 'The Upset', for the Lloyd imprint in 1965.






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