• The Webtones

    The Webtones
    The Webtones with deejay Jack Lacey 

    The Webtones  (Brooklyn, New York)

    Personnel :

    Louis Williams (Lead)

    Terry Wilson (Baritone)

    Frankie Clemens (Bass)

    Duke Ebron (Second Tenor)

    Bruce Cooke (First Tenor)

    Discography :

    1958 - My Lost Love / Walk, Talk And Kiss (MGM 12724)

    Biography :

    Like the Danleers, The Webtones were named after their manager and songwriter Danny Webb. The group consisted of Louis Williams (Lead), Terry Wilson (Baritone), Frankie Clemens (Bass), Duke Ebron (Second Tenor) and Bruce Cooke (First Tenor). Their manager wrote the Danleers’s only hit and charting single, “One Summer Night,” which was also the group’s debut single in April 1958.

    The Webtones

    By late fall, Danny Webb had placed The Webtones, with MGM for one quick unheralded release, "My Lost Love" b/w "Walk, Talk And Kiss". unfortunately, Despite the promising and beautiful "My Lost Love" the single never charted and this will be their only recordings as The Webtoones... After their last single on Mercury, The danleers broke up. Danny Webb put Lead singer' Jimmy Weston together with three members of the Webtones, to form a new Danleers group : Louis Williams, Terry Wilson and Frankie Clemens.

    The Webtones     The Webtones
                                                                            Louis Williams, Terry Wilson, Frankie Clemons

    Webb then proceeded to get the reorganized Danleers a contract with Columbia's Epic subsidiary. The New Danleers  recorded some singles on Epic, Everest Le Mans and Smash. With no hits since 1958, the Danleers were history by the mid-60s.



            My Lost Love                                Walk, Talk And Kiss      


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