• The Twilighters (5) aka The Twiliters (2)


    The Twiliters (2) (McKesport, Pa.)
    aka The Twilighters (5)

    Personnel :

    Glenn Dorsey (Lead)

    Delores Johnson (First Tenor)

    Bob manual (Second Tenor)

    Richard Covington (Baritone)

    Ernie Holt (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Twiliters (2) 

    1961 - Hey There / Caused By You (Nix 102)
    1961 - Back To School /  Love Bandit (Nix 103)
    1964 - Sweet Lips / You Better Make It (Paloma 100)
    1964 - My Beatle Haircut / Sweet Lips (Roulette 4546)
    Unreleased :
    N/A - One More Love
    N/A - Honest I Do
    N/A - Please Let The Romance Grow
    N/A - Playing With Fire
    N/A - Kissing Date
    N/A - Unchained Melody

    The Twilighters (5)
    1961 - Scratchin' / She Needs A Guy (Chess 1803)


    Biography :

    This group first assembled as a trio in September 1954. Bob Manual soon brought two junior high schoolmates of his into the group. They initially named themselves the Fascinators and began serious practice each day. They hooked up with Talent scout Bill Ramsey, who coached them on vocals as well as stage presence. Many Personnel changes occurred during the next several years.  By 1959, they began calling themselves the Twiliters and were composed of the group reflected above. They Met record producer Bob Vogelsberger whose ambition it was to manage a vocal group. Vogelsberger arranged to have them record four sides, but none were ever released. They soon hooked up with record producer Nick Censi, who was the owner of Nix records. Nix 102 & 103 were recorded in 1961.

                               The Joneses

    Jules Krusoir who initially guided the marvels, also a Pittsburgh vocal group, took an interest in the Twiliters and had them record for his Paloma label. The Paloma Discs failed and bass Ernie Holt left to be replaced by Sylvester Brooks, who in 1956 became the lead of the Smoothtones, following Alfred Gaitwood's departure. When Delores Johnson Left, Ernie Holt rejoined the Twiliters.  Hoping to capitalize on the British invasion and the Beatles phenomenon, the group recorded "My Beatle Haircut", which was released  on Roulette in 1963. This fared well locally and got the Twiliters many Bookings in their area. In 1964, Dorsey developed a Thyroid condition that necessitated surgery. The operation affected his vocal chords and left Dorsey unable to sing. This ended the singing career of the Twiliters. In two years Dorsey recovered and in 1966 Dorsey and Manual formed another vocal group they called the Persians. After many personnel changes, they eventually became the Joneses.

    Songs :
    (Updated By Hans-Joachim

    The Twiliters (2)

    Hey There                          Caused By You                     Love Bandit

    You Better Make It               My Beatle Haircut               Back To School

    The Twilighters (5)

    She Needs A Guy                            Scratchin'          


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