• The Taylor Tones (1)

    The Taylor Tones (1) (
    Jacqueline Broughton

    The Taylor Tones (1) (Detroit, Michigan)


    Personnel :

    Jacqueline Broughton (Lead)

    Pearl Robinson

    Faye Carter



    Discography :

    1961 - My Heart Went Zing / Too Young To Love (C & T 0001)


    Biography :

    The Taylor Tones were a girl group from Detroit, Michigan composed by Jacqueline Broughton (Lead), Pearl Robinson , Faye Carter and Betty (?).. They were in High School when they formed The Taylor Tones . Jacqueline Broughton  co write and sang the two  songs that were released by C & T Records in Detroit Owned by Bill Campbell and Jack Thomas.

    Songs :

    My Heart Went Zing                             Too Young To Love


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