• The Suburbans (4) aka The Five Classics (2)

    The Suburbans (4) aka The Five Classics (2) 

    The Suburbans (4) (Passaic, New Jersey)
    aka The Five Classics (2)

    Personnel :

    Harry Arthur (Tenor)

    Joseph Pasquino (Tenor)

    Ralph Santora (Baritone)

    Bernard Nathanson (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Suburbans (4)
    1959 - Alphabet Of Love / Sweet Diane Cha Cha (Port 70011)
    1960 - Little Bird / King Of Broken Hearts (Kip 221)
    1961 - Mississippi Mud / Love Me (Flamingo 539)
    1961 - Lovin' Hands / Love Me (Gee 1076)

    The Five Classics (2)
    1961 - Mississippi Mud / Love Me (Pova 6142)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from Passaic, New Jersey. Leader of the singers is Harry Arthur, 18 year old, Passaic High School Senior. Writer of most of their songs, Harry has a tenor voice and does all the arranging. Ralph Santora, 17 year old sophomore of Fairleigh Dickinson University, sings Baritone and Joseph Pasquino, 18, is Tenor. Bernard Nathanson, 20, is the Bass. When the Suburbans first organized they had five members. Ronald VanDunk was with them until he was invited to a command performance with the marines. Norman Oldam replaced him for a while. The marines didn't call him, but a bride changed his mind. Joseph Serniglia tried the entertainment field, but decided it wasn(t the profession for him.

    The Suburbans (4) aka The Five Classics (2)    The Suburbans (4) aka The Five Classics (2)

    They practice about three times a week. Mrs Grace Schurman of the Licoln Music Shop, is their manager. In May 1959, they cut their first record on the Port Label, a subsidiary of Jay-Gee Record, "Alphabet Of Love" b/w "Sweet Diane Cha Cha" both wrote by Harry Arthur. "Alphabet Of Love" is being plugged by disk jockeys like Danny Styles the "Cat Man" and Clint Miller. In September 1960, the Suburbans recorded for Kip records owned by Lonnie Kaufman in New York, "Little Bird" b/w "King Of Broken Hearts", both wrote again by Harry Arthur. The group have entertained at many clubs in the area and across the country and appeared on a number of TV and Radio shows.

    The Suburbans (4) aka The Five Classics (2)    The Suburbans (4) aka The Five Classics (2)

    At this time, Harry Arthur left and Bruce Starzzo and Angelo Gerardi integrate the group. Joseph Pasquino takes the lead role and wrote the fabtastic "Love Me". Paul Poveromo of The Five Classics  on Arc records produced the group for their third singles. The Suburbans auditioned at Paul's house and recorded "Mississippi Mud" b/w "Love Me". The single  was released on Flamingo records. The same year The single was re-released on Pova records as The Five Classics. The Suburbans re-recorded "Love Me" the same year with different arrangements for Roulette Records . The new "Love Me" was released by Gee Records (Roulette subsidiary) with "Lovin' Hands".


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)    

    The Suburbans (4)

    Mississippi Mud                                       Love Me   

    Lovin' Hands                                         Alphabet Of Love

    Sweet Diane Cha Cha                      King Of Broken Hearts

       Little Bird                                   Love Me (On Gee)

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