• The Sinceres (1) ref The Floridians

    The Sinceres (1)  

    The Floridians (Allentown, PA)
    ref The Sinceres (1)


    Personnel :

    Jay Proctor (Bass)

    George 'Lucky' Lloyd

    Billy Floyd

    Discography :

    The Sinceres (1)
    1960 - You're Too Young / Forbidden Love (Jordan 117)

    The Floridians
    1961 - I Love Marie / The Lucky Old Sun (ABC 10185)

    Biography :

    The Sinceres was a mixture of Allentown boys and some boys from Bethlehem Fronted by bass singer Jay Proctor.  A boy named Billy Floyd wrote a song called 'You're Too Young". There was a guy who owned a paint company, and he decided he would like to see what he could do with the group.  He took The Group underfoot for a little bit, and he paid for having a record recorded and stuff. Backed with "Forbidden Love" it was issued on the Jordan logo in 1960. It sold about 100 copies. That was the name of the paint company, Jordan Paint. Except for some local play, the record was ignored, sold poorly.

    The Sinceres (1)     The Sinceres (1)                                                                                                          George "Lucky" Lloyd & Jay Proctor

    The year was 1960. George "Lucky" Lloyd arrived in Allentown from Jacksonville, Fl., at the age of 19 to live with his grandfather. Lloyd was an aspiring singer who made his first recording in 1956 when he was 15 with a group called the Jaylarks. In Allentown, he met young Jay Proctor, who had moved to the city from Philadelphia and have cut a single with the Sinceres. George 'Lucky' Lloyd and Jay Proctor  started a new singing group perhaps with the same or some members of the Sinceres.

    The Sinceres (1)   

    Jay & the Techniques

    The New group was called the Floridians. they recorded a song called "I Love Marie" Backed with "The Lucky Old Sun" on ABC Paramount. But lack of success and an offer to Jay and George 'Lucky' Lloyd to front an all white showband saw the sudden demise of said Floridians and the birth of Jay & the Techniques.

    Songs :

    The Sinceres (1)

    Forbidden Love                      You're Too Young

    The Floridians

    I Love Marie                 The Lucky Old Sun



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