• The Sentimentals (2)

    The Sentimentals (2) (Aliquippa, Pa.)

    Personnel :

    Tom Prigorac (Lead)

    Robert Silvestri

    Vince Trombetta

    Tom Llewellyn

    Norman DelTurco  (Piano)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1959 - We Three / Understanding Love (Coral 62100)
    1960 - Deep Down In My Heart / Two Different Worlds (Coral 62172)

    Unreleased ? :
    1957 - You are the One (General Artists Corp.)

    Biography :

    From 1957, This Vocal Quartet has made many professional appearances throughout the valley and the Pittsburgh vicinity. They played at the Beverly Hills hotel and the Bon Ange, both of Pittsburgh, and Villa's Lounge, Aquilippa.

    Vince, Tom, Tom, Bob & Norm

    Tom Prigorac  of Iron Street Aliquipa, is lead Singers. The other three members are Vince Trombetta, 20th street, and Robert  Silvestri, McMinn Street, both of Aliquippa, and Tommy Llewellyn of Ambridge. Norman DelTurco of Spruce Street, Aliquippa is pianist and make their arrangements.

    Two of the young men are in school, Robert Silvestriat Penn Tech Institute and Vince Trombetta at Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. Tom Prigorac is employed at the Aliquippa Works, Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp., and Tom Llewellyn at Spang-Chalfant Division of national Supply, Inc., plant at Ambridge.

    in 1958, The Sentimentals contracted a song writer and agent, Kay Towmey of New York City, as their personnal manager and agent. A five-year contract with 10 year option was signed.

    Miss Towmey has written many hit tunes among then is the 1951 Oscar winner, "Serenade of the Bells" "Jealous Lover" and "Let me Go lover". George Goering has agreed write songs for the group. Mr Goering's most recent hit is "The Mystery of You" a big record presently selling by the Platters.


    The Sentimentals have placed demonstration records with Columbia, 20th Century Fox and Decca Label recording companies. Finally they sign a contract with Coral Records, Decca Records subsidiary, and release two records….

    Songs :

    We Three                                 Deep Down in My Heart

    Two Different Worlds                         Understanding Love

  • Comments

    Ernest J. Gerbitz
    Monday 21st August 2017 at 17:07

    Could you e-mail me the sheet music for "Just Like Lovers Do" and "Warning Bells,"

    preferably in pdf or midi format?  I am a lifetime doo-wop fan, and would love to learn

    to play them on my Casio Privia keyboard. Thank you.




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