• The Scarlets aka The Five Satins


    The Scarlets (New Haven, Connecticut)
    aka The Five Satins


    Personnel :

    Fred Parris(Lead)

    Sylvester Hopkins(Tenor)

    Nathaniel Mosely(Tenor)

    Albert Denby(Baritone)

    William L. Powers(Bass)


    Discography :

    The Scarlets
    1953 - Dear One / I've Lost(Red Robin 128)

    1954 - Love Doll / Darling I'm Yours(Red Robin 133)

    1955 - True Love / Cry Baby(Red Robin 135)

    1955 - Kiss Me / Indian Fever(Red Robin 138)
    1960 - Truly Yours / East Of The Sun (Fury 1036)

    1976 - Teardrops Fell / Yes You'Re Mine (by the Vocaleers) (Robin Hood 134)

    Fred Parris & The Scarlets
    1958 - She's Gone With The Wind / The Voice(Klik 7905)

    Biography :

    The Five Satins were formed in 1955 in New Haven, Connecticut by Fred Parris who had previously led the moderately successful group The Scarlets. The Scarlets had been formed in 1953 with Parris’ fellow Hillhouse High School students Sylvester Hopkins, Nathaniel Mosely, Jr., Albert Denby, and William L. Powers.

    After some minor hits, including Parris’ self-penned “Dear One,” the members were called up for national service and disbanded after cutting the farewell single “Kiss Me”. Parris was stationed in Philadelphia but would return to New Haven on weekends and was keen to continue making music.


    He formed the new group, The Five Satins, with members Lou Peebles, Stanley Dortch, Ed Martin and Jim Freeman. This line-up was shortlived, with Peebles and Dortch leaving and Al Denby of The Scarlets joining. The Five Satins were therefore temporarily only four and it was this line-up that recorded Parris’ romantic ballad “In the Still of the Night”.

    Songs :

    Dear One                                  I've Lost                           Love Doll

    Darling I'm Yours                     True Love                           Cry Baby

     Kiss Me                                Indian Fever                      Truly Yours

    East Of The Sun               She's Gone With The Wind                   The Voice

    Cds :

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