• The Runarounds (2) aka The Run-A-Rounds (2)

    The Run-A-Rounds aka The Runarounds (2)

    The Runarounds (2) (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Run-A-Rounds (2)
    ref: The Regents (3)
    ref : The Desires (3) 



Personnel :

    Guy Villari (Lead)

    Chuck Fassert

    Ronnie Lapinsky

    Sal Corrente

    Discography :

    The Run-A-Rounds
    1963 - Unbelievable / Hooray For Love  (KC 116)
    1963 - Let Them Talk / Are You Looking For A Sweetheart (Tarheel 065)

    The Runarounds (2)
    1964 - Carrie (You're An Angel) / Send Her Back (Felsted 8704)
    1966 - Perfect Woman / You're a Drag (Capitol 5644)
    1967 - You Lied / My Little Girl (MGM 13763)

    Unreleased :
    1963- A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
    1963- Crazy Love
    1963 - Tonight Could Be The Night
    1963 - Let Them Talk (alt. version)
    1963 - Unbelievable (alt. demo version)
    1964 - Carrie (You're An Angel) (alt. version)


    Biography :

    When Their Last single "Oh Baby" b/w "Lonesome Boy"  received no radio response, the Regents decided to separate but reemerged in 1964 as the Runarounds, named after their second release. This contingent contained Guy Villari and Chuck Fassert from the original Regents along with Ronnie Lapinsky of the Tremonts and Sal Corrente.

    The Run-A-Rounds aka The Runarounds (2)

    Much of their fine material was to be written by another Bronxite, Tom Bogdany, who collaborated with Ernie Maresca on a number of local hits. Their single, the Ernie Maresca-Pete Baron song  "Unbelievable" (in an EARLS style), saw lots of New York airplay but limited sales on Nat Cole's K.C. label.

       The Run-A-Rounds aka The Runarounds (2)   The Run-A-Rounds aka The Runarounds (2)

     The Runarounds moved next to the Tarheel label, a subsidiary of London records, where they recorded "Let Them Talk" b/w "Are You Looking For A Sweetheart". Sal Corrente left at this point. 

      The Run-A-Rounds aka The Runarounds (2)

    The Remaining Runarounds did "Carrie (You're An Angel)" on Felsted, a Four Seasons imitation that reached the low 30s on local charts.  Although "Carrie" was the closest the Runarouds ever came to a real hit, the group had plenty of public exposure, for they appeared at numerous record hops and related events sponsored by New York's WMCA.

    The Run-A-Rounds aka The Runarounds (2)

    This activity translated into releases on Capitol and MGM, but none with the magic of "Barbara-Ann." Once again they separated, regrouping in 1970 with Warren with Warren Gradus for one ill-conceived release as Cardboard Zeppelin on Laurie (" Ten Story Building").


    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Unbelievable                    Hooray For Love

    Let Them Talk               Are You Looking For A Sweetheart

    Carrie (You're An Angel)                Send Her Back

    Perfect Woman                    You're a Drag

    You Lied                                 Crazy Love

    My Little Girll                 Let Them Talk (unrel. alt. version)

    Carrie (You're An Angel) (alt. version)     Unbelievable (alt. version)  

    A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening / Tonight Could Be The Night (unreleased)



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