• The Rondells

    The Rondells
    1958, The Rondells at the Apollo Theater

    The Rondells (Bronx, New York)

    Personnel :

    Chuck Negron (Lead)

    Phil Namanworth (Second Tenor)

    Songs :

    The Rondells
    1958 - Bells Of My Heart (Unreleased)

    Chuck Rondell & The Sorensen Brothers
    1962 - I Dream Of An Angel / Sharon Lee (Hart-Van 122/3)

    Chuck Rondell
    1964 - Speak For Yourself / All's Fair In Love And War (Columbia 43187)

    Biography :

    At age 16, Chuck Negron sang lead in a vocal group The Rondells and they performed at the world famous Apollo Theater because their managers were black. A stone cold dead silence ensued as the curtain rose on The Rondells. They were not just the only white group on the bill, they were the only white people in the building. But by their second verse something magical happened. Soon after his Apollo triumph the teenage Chuck Negron and the Rondells began haunting Manhattan's famous Brill Building. The same names came up over and over again. Leiber and Stoller, Goffan and King, Mann and Weil, Bacharach and David among others.

    The Rondells
    Chuck "Negron" Rondell

    They would go from office to office in hopes of meeting some of these great writers to sing for them. They performed 10 to 20 times a day for publishers as well as record companies. So they ended up recorded some songs. unfortunately they will never be released. After playing basketball for Santa Maria, CA's Hancock College and California State University in Los Angeles, Negron was ready to pursue his musical career. After two singles as Chuck Rondell, he remained in Los Angeles, eventually connecting with fellow singers Cory Wells and Danny Hutton and forming Three Dog Night in 1968.

    Songs :

    Chuck Rondell & The Sorensen Brothers

    I Dream Of An Angel

    Chuck Rondell

    All's Fair In Love And War                        Speak For Yourself     

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