• The Perennials

    The Perennials
    Norman (Otis) Richmond

    The Perennials (Los Angeles, CA.)


    Personnel :

    James "Pee Wee" Faulkner (Lead)

    Norman (Otis) Richmond  (First Tenor)

    Charles Brinkley (Second Tenor)

    Frank Harrison (Baritone)

    Keenen Selico (Bass)


    Discography :

    1963 - I'm Yours Until The End / My Big Mistake (Ball 1016)


    Biography :

    Vocal Group of Teenagers from Los Angeles called the Perennials. The group consisted of Norman (Otis) Richmond (first tenor), Charles Brinkley (second tenor), Frank Harrison (baritone), Kenon Selico (bass) and William "Pee Wee" Flaunker (lead vocals). Three of the group were from Fremont High School and two were from Centennial High School. The Perennials use to sing songs on the corner in Los Angeles on the corners of Manchester and Avalon.

    The Perennials     The Perennials
                                 John & Ruth Dolphin                                      The M-M’s & The Peanuts : Willie Donell, Pat White, Norman  Richmond

    In 1963, the Perennials recorded "I'm Yours Until The End" b/w "My Big Mistake" for Ruth Dolphin's Ball record label. The Perennials broke up before the end of 1963. Norman Richmond joined Pat White and Willie Donell. The trio formed  The M-M’s & The Peanuts and recorded three singles for Money Records.


    Songs :

        My Big Mistake                            I'm Yours Until The End


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