• The Memos aka The Hurricanes (2) aka The Toppers (2)


    The Memos (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Hurricanes (2) aka The Toppers (2)

    Personnel :

    Henry Austin(Lead)

    James Brown(Tenor)

    Eugene Williams(Baritone)

    Vernon Britton(Bass)

    Discography :

    1959 - I'm Going Home / My Most Precious Possession(Memo 5000/5001)
    1959 - My Type Of Girl / The Biddy Leg(Memo 34891)

    Biography :

    In May of 1959, The Hurricanes had hooked up with a new record label run by Bill Lasley called Memo Records, and had conveniently changed their name to The Memos. "I'm Going Home" and "My Most Precious Possession" are released on Memo # 500.

    The label reports good reaction to the record in some Southern states. In October The Memos appear at a big anniversary show for Newark, New Jersey radio personality George Hudson at the Mosque Theater. That month "My Type Of Girl" and "The Biddy Leg" are released on Memo # 34891. This record went nowhere and the group never recorded again.


    I'm Going Home                     My Most Precious Possession

    The Biddy Leg                                 My Type Of Girl



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