• The Martiniques aka The Martineques

     The Martiniques  

    The Martiniques (Detroit)
    aka The Martineques

    Personnel :

    Bobby Martin

    Hershel Hunter

    Andy Alonzo

    Robert Walker

    Buford (Fab) Glanton

    Discography :

    The Martiniques
    1962 - Tonight Is Just Another Night / Unknown Love (Danceland 777 / Roulette 4423)
    1962 - Broken Hearted Me / Evertything Will Be Allright (Danceland 779)

    The Martineques
    1965 - If You Want To Call Me / My Baby She Can't Dance (Me-O 1002)

    Biography :

    The Martiniques were Bobby Martin, Hershel Hunter, Robert Walker and Buford (Fab) Glanton. Andy Alonzo joined the group in 1960 when Bobby got into a bad auto accident and couldn't perform and the record was about to be released so Andy Alonzo replaced him.

    The Martiniques aka The Martineques

    For their first single, Danceland recordings  were made at United Sound and The Martiniques have a hit record on the charts with "Tonight Is Just Another Night". Danceland was a long-time Detroit label, starting with 78s in 1949.


    Thurman Hollis was The Martiniques' manager. Robert Walker also left the group and was replaced by Flecher Sawyer. When Bobby got better he got back in and Buford left so The Martiniques became a trio. "Broken hearted me" b/w "Evertything Will Be Alright" and "If You Want To Call Me" b/w "My Baby She Can't Dance"  on Me-o  were recorded at Specialty studio in Detroit . Me-O was located in Toledo, Ohio.


    Songs :
    (Thanks to Hans-Joachim)

    Tonight Is Just Another Night                     Unknown Love             

        Broken Hearted Me                          If You Want To Call Me

    Everything Will Be Allright                My Baby She Can't Dance



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    Tuesday 5th November 2019 at 21:01

    Label scan says "Allright" (not Alright)

    Everything Will Be Allright

    My Baby She Can't Dance

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