• The Majors (6) aka The Vows (2)

     The Vows (2) aka The Majors (6) 

    The Vows (2)  (Chicago,Il.)
    aka The Majors (6)

    Personnel :

    Larry Montgomery (Lead / First Tenor)

    Berlyn Bynum (Baritone)

    James Sims (Lead / Bass)

    Joseph "Fuzzy" Buckner (Lead)

    Lawrence Bibbs (Lead / Second Tenor)

    Discography :

    The Vows (2)
    1963 - Girl In Red / Born With The Rhythm (Ran-Dee 111/112)
    1963 - When A Boy Love A Girl / Say You'll be mine (Sta-Set 402)
    1963 - Lost In A City / When A Boy Love A Girl (Big Three 400)

    The Majors (6)
    1963 - Lost In A City / Say You'll be mine (Big Three 403)

    Biography :

    The Vows on Ran-Dee, Big 3 and Sta-Set were a Chicago group (led by Larry Montgomery) that later changed their name to The Major IV. They also recorded for Mickey Stevenson on Venture Records. They had nothing to do with The Majors on Imperial (Philadelphia group), or The Vows on Markay (L.A. female group), or The Symphonics .


    This group was earlier known as The Vows . They made a vocal harmony cut called "Girl in Red" on the Ran-Dee label, the A side was Andre Williams' r&b song entitled "Born with The Rhythm." The Fantastic Doo wop "Girl in Red", was composed in 57 but was released in 63.


    "Lost In A City", "Say You'll be mine" all originally recorded as The Vows on Bob Lee's Big Three as #400 and was later re-released as Big Three #403 by The Majors.

    Songs :

    Girl In Red                                 When A Boy Love A Girl

    Lost In A City                                  Say You'll be mine

    Born With The Rhythm


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    Saturday 21st March 2009 at 19:16
    The Trinidads
    A Chicago group formed by Charles Colbert that performed in the late '50s and early '60s. Their brief discography lists two singles issued in 1959 on Formal Records, "Don't Say Goodbye" b/w "On My Happy Way" (Colbert wrote both sides) and "One Lonely Night" b/w "When We're Together." Members came and went and some believed the Trinidads evolved into the Trends, who recorded on Smash and ABC Records, but this can't be verified. Colbert wasn't a member of the Trends, though it's possible they replaced him and changed the name when he deserted them after the Formal failures to sing with the Daylighters. After the Daylighters, Colbert joined Gary & the Knight Lites, a racially mixed group that evolved into the American Breed ("Bend Me, Shape Me"). ~ Andrew Hamilton, All Music Guide http://www.soulfulkindamusic.net/nchance.htm
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