• The Kents (1)

    The Kents (1) (New York)

    Personnel :

    Dennis Duffy (First Tenor )

    Joe Rinando (Lead & Bass)

    Little Frankie LaRussa (Lead & High Tenor)

    Tony LaMonica (Second Tenor & Lead)

    Woody Reynolds (with Guitar & Baritone)


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1958 - I found my girl / Whith all my heart and soul (Argo 5299)
    1958 - I love you so / Happy Beat (Dome 501)

    Unreleased :
    1957 - Nita Juanita
    1957 - Sandy
    1958 - Little Brother
    1958 - I Wish


    Biography :

    By Joe‬ Rinando.
    ‪We started in Sept. 1957‬ "‪Nita Juanita‬"‪ & ‬"‪Sandy‬"‪ was our first record that we cut with All Brown's Band in Dec. 1957‬ . Recorded in December 1957 with Al Brown's Band.

    "‪Nita Juanita‬" was written by Johnny Maestro (Mastrangelo). Originally released as "My Juanita" in 1956 by The Crests on the Joyce Label (Al Brown's Label). This version, arranged by Joe RInando, was a more up-beat version of Johnny's song

    ‪All the other‬ ‪ were cut on Good Friday 1958 at Belltone Studios in Manhattan with Sammy Lowe's Band‬. He and I worked on all the arrangements and he did each instruments music‬.

                                                                                                  Joe Rinando

    Dennis Duffy & Tony Baxter left the group in late 1958, then Bobby DeRita took both of their places and he could harmonize better then both of them‬.
    ‪As far as who we sang with, when & where, it was the Tri-State Area‬.

    ‪Payola killed us as the DJ Tommy Smalls, Known as Dr. Jive in NYC was a silent partner at Dome Records and he was one of the first indicted for taking payoffs from other record labels and groups to play their songs on his radio show‬.

    (Thanks to Gilda Tabarez)




    Songs :

    Happy Beat                               With All My Heart and Soul

    I love you so                                I found my girl

    Nita Juanita                                       Little Brother

    I Wish                                                         Sandy






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