• The Illusions (2)


    The Illusions (2) (Fishtown, Philadelphia)

    Personnel :

    Al Lancellotti (Lead)

    Pete Siciliano (Bass)

    Freddie Jones (First Tenor / Falsetto)

    Jackie Fox (Baritone/Bass)

    Freddie Faulkner (Secondnd Tenor / Baritone / First Tenor)

    Discography :

    1957 - Better Late Than Never / Rock and Roll Train  (Axtel 101)
    1962 - Hey Boy / Lonely Soldier (Mali 104/Sheraton 104/Northeast 801/Relic 512)
    1964 - Story Of My Life / Walking Boy (Little Debbie 105)
    1974 - The Closer You Are / For Sentimental Reasons "1962" (Kape 1001/100)

    Unreleased :
    N/A - One Mint Julep (Reco-Art)
    N/A - Dancing In The Dark  (Reco-Art)
    N/A - To A Girl I Don't Know So Well
    N/A - Fake Love
    N/A - Together Eternally
    N/A - I Feel Rejected

    Biography :

    Group from South Philadelphia originally consisted of Al Lancellotti (Lead), Freddie Jones (1st Tenor), Jackie Fox (2nd Tenor-Baritone), Freddie Faulkner (2nd Tenor-Baritone-1st Tenor) and Pete Siciliano (Bass).


    In 1957 they recorded for Axtel Records the sides "Better Late Than Never / Rock And Roll Train" After this recording the group temporally disbanded. In 1962 The Illusion's back with Freddie Jones ,Freddie Faulkner, Jackie Fox and a new member Tony"Carmen"Antoniolo.

    They recorded for Mali Records "Hey Boy/Lonely Soldier" .The A side was a regional Hit and the disc was re-released by Northeast and Relic Records. In 1963 Freddy Faulkner recorded as a solo artist (with background vocals by The Rockafellas) for Swan Records the sides "Cigarettes & Matches / Little Driftin' Amy."


    In 1964 the group recorded their last single for Little Debbie Records with the sides "Story Of My Life" b/w "Walking Boy". The group disbanded around 1966. Pete Siciliano  join a group called The leisure Lad.  Fred Jones later was a member of The Hustlers, The Common Pleas, Hubba Hubba, Star, Jones and Falcone and Studebaker

    Their Songs :

    Better Late Than Never             Rock and Roll Train                  Hey Boy

    Lonely Soldier                         Story Of My Life                        Walking Boy





    Books :

  • Comments

    doc bop
    Friday 30th March at 15:48

    groupe fondé en 1953 par pete siciliano,ex counts et blazers(no rec)

    la deuxieme mouture de ce groupe (sans siciliano ni al lanceotti ,remplace par tony carmen antoniolo & robert verrechia) ont accompagnes bobby vaco sur le tres rare single larsiter.

    Une troisieme mouture de ce groupes'est produit il y a quelques années avec le personnel suivant:pete siciliano/joe farellio/bill kelsey/al lancelotti & jack albright.

    j'aime beaucoups votre blog,mais je trouve que vous ne parler pas assez des reformations  de groupes (cf newports/regals etc.

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