• The Grand Prees (1)

    The Grand Prees (1) (Philadelphia)


    Personnel :

    Vinnie Palace (Lead)

    Anthony Armentani (First Tenor & Lead)

    Nick Pucillo (Second Tenor)

    Jimmy Romano (Baritone)

    John Lombardo (Bass)     


    Discography :

    The Grand Prees (1)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - My Desire (Sound Plus)
    1962 - Foolish Things (Sound Plus)
    1963 - Alone / I’m Gone (Haral 779)
    1964 - World’s Fairest Chic / Other Worlds (J & G 1719)

    Jimmy Eden (Jimmy Testa) & The Revelers (Grand Prees uncredited)
    1963 - Goddess of Love / Beatle Walk (Haral 780)


    Biography :

    Group from South Philly in the late 50's / early 60's. They were from the area around 11th & Shunk. Their members were Vince Palace, Anthony Armentani, Nicky Pucillo, Johnny Lombardo & Jimmy Romano. 11th & Shunk in South Philadelphia, the ward which produced Richie & the Royals. In their wake came the Grand Prees, a melange of disparate singers who idolized the Royals, as well as the Royals’ prime influence, Anthony & the Sophomores.


    As South Philly white groups go, the Sophs were top of the heap, with hit records, a broad fan base, and more gigs than they could go to. Insofar as idols, the Grand Prees could have done far worse. “In the beginning,” notes first tenor/lead Anthony Armentani, “it was me, John Lombardo, and a dude named Anthony Campagna, We harmonized on the street corner like most everybody else, and I did some leads. We kept out of trouble and enjoyed ourselves, plus the girls gravitated to singers. That we loved.


    “But we were short a baritone, so I remembered this guy in the neighborhood, Jimmy Romano. We shuffled around to his house one day and asked him if he wanted to join us.” The ensemble was now a quartet, but a more accomplished lead voice was called for as Anthony was only suitable for certain songs. Jimmy was a member of the glee club at Thomas Junior High (where his Science teacher was Mr. Todarello, owner of Rello Records and discoverer of Richie & the Royals), where he sang side by side with a sonorous voice, Vinnie Palace, so the task at hand was to lure Vinnie into the fold. “He heard our sound,” burbles Romano, “and he signed up right away. It was an easy sell.” Campagna lost interest, and tenor Nick Pucillo was conscripted, and the final lineup was set, and would remain so for the ensuing three years: Vinnie Palace, lead, Anthony Armentani, first tenor and alternate lead, Nick Pucillo, second tenor, Jimmy Romano, baritone, and John Lombardo, bass."

    Thanks to Jim Romano

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Grand Prees

    My Desire / Foolish Things                            Alone                  

    I'm Gone

    Jimmy Eden & The Revelers
       Beatle Walk                                Goddess of Love


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