• The Four Uniques

    The "4" Uniques  (Chicago)


    Personnel :

    Ken Riccardo

    Drew Rezula

    Lonnie Wiel

    Mike Brando


    Discography :

    The "4" Uniques
    1961 - Looking For A Love / Too Young (Adam 9002)
    1961 - She's The Only Girl for Me / Twistin Around (Adam 9004)
    1961 - Good Luck Charm / Island Of Love (Deer 3002)
    1964 - Endlessly / Maybe The Next Summer (USA753)

    Jerry Vinar & The "4" Uniques
    1961 - Your Love Is Just for Me / Please Tell (Variety 1028)


    Biography :

    Vocal quartet from the Northwest side of Chicago composed by Ken Riccardo, Lonnie Wiel, Drew Rezula and Mike Brando. the band signed a record contract with Adam in Chicago and recorded four pieces. Two singles will be published, " Looking For A Love " b/w " Too Young " and " She's The Only Girl for Me " b/w " Twistin Around " with the local well-known instrumental group The Mus-twangs. The Mus-twangs were Jerry Urban, growlin' sax, Paul Cotton, lead guitar and later, member of POCO, Buddy Riley, rhythm guitar, Guy (Frenchy) Germany, drums, and Keith Anderson, Bass.  The Mus-twangs appeared at Poppel's Under 21 Club, Riverdale, Ill and at numerous Jim Lounsbury Record Hops throughout the Chicago, Ill area 1961-1964.  The " 4 " Uniques  did many gigs and played at various festivals in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

    The Mus-twangs

    In November 1961, before more than 2,000 spectators,  they served as the opening act for well-know singer Bobby Rydell’ in Madison (Wisconsin). In April, 61 Jack Barthel, personal promo man, heads a newly formed record company Deer Records,  and in July, inked the Four Uniques to a recording contract. The group released " Good Luck Charm " b/w " Island Of Love " the same month… Finally in 1963, USA Records released " Endlessly " b/w " Maybe The Next Summer ". USA Records was a Chicago based record label founded in 1960 by record distributor Jim Golden. The label's office was located across from Chess Records and Golden's Allstate Distributors was Chess' regional distributor.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Looking For A Love                  Twistin Around               Good Luck Charm

    Island Of Love                          Endlessly               She's The Only Girl for Me

     Too Young                          Maybe Next Summer


  • Comments

    Monday 11st April 2016 at 19:01

    Thant's my Father in law, Lonnie Wiel top middle in the pictue!

    Saturday 25th April 2020 at 06:09

    we went to wells high school  with lonny ken forgot the the on right side guy on bottom didnt go to school with us. one of the original member,s was dominic cosmonto they sang at school talent show,s , those were the day,s  lol missem lonny do you remember way before  we tried to start a group we were the belvederes  we wanted to be on american bandstand  it was you me & don sarek didnt take long to see you out shined us, lol we didnt last long ! lol by the way lonny don died last year, hope life has been good to you lonny,  with respect karlda barber

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