• The Five Notes (2) aka The Five Stars (3) aka The Five Masks

     The Five Notes (2) (Dallas, Texas)
    aka The Five Stars (3) aka The Five Masks

    Personnel :

    Al Bragg (Lead)

    Cal Valentine (Lead)

    Robert Lee Valentine

    Jesse Floyd

    Billie Fred Thomas

    Discography :

    The Five Notes (2)
    1955 - Show Me The Way / Park Your Love (Chess 1614)

    The Five Stars (3)
    1957 - Hey, Juanita / So Lonely Baby (Blues Boys Kingdom 106)

    The Five Masks
    1958 - Forever And A Day / Polly Molly (Jan 101)

    Biography :

    While at school, Cal met up with another youngster who shared his love of music, Al ’TNT’ Bragg who was also to make a name for himself on the R&B scene in the sixties and seventies. Together with several more of their friends they formed The Five Notes.

    Al ’TNT’ Bragg                                                                   The Five Stars

    The group entered a local talent contest which they duly won, rapidly becoming one of the hottest groups in the Dallas area. The Five Notes were signed up by agent Mike Coggs and appeared on shows with groups like The Five Keys and The Spaniels, and in 1955 they made their recording debut on the Chess label with the release of the single Park Your Love/Show Me The Way (Chess 1614).

    A change of name to The Five Masks and another single on the Jan label, Polly Molly/Forever And A Day (Jan 101) were to follow before the group, now called The Five Stars, signed for B.B. Kings short lived Blues Boy Kingdom label.


    Although a single was released, Hey Juanita/So Lonely Baby (Blues Boy Kingdom 106), B.B.s discovery by the white blues market and the subsequent upsurge in his popularity led to the demise of the label and the groups eventual return to Dallas where their popularity guaranteed them regular work and even an outstanding performance in the 1957 movie, Rock Baby, Rock It, along with Roscoe Gordon.

    Videos :

    The Five Stars (3)

    Hey, Juanita (Rock Baby, Rock It)

    Your Love Is All I Need (Rock Baby, Rock It)

    Songs :

    The Five Notes (2)

    Show Me The Way                             Park Your Love

    The Five Stars (3)

    So Lonely Baby & Hey, Juanita

    The Five Masks

    Polly Molly

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    Jack Rivers
    Wednesday 24th September 2008 at 02:09
    Could you please let me know if i could buy any of the pictures shown on your site. Thanks Jack Rivers
    Wednesday 29th October 2008 at 22:39
    "Colleen Kaye & The Secrets" and "The Secrets" are different groups.
    Saturday 21st March 2009 at 22:20
    The Secrets
    Colleen Kaye was from Cleveland, Ohio. She was signed with Redda Records and Redda was her manager. Redda also managed The Secrets and (Bocky &) The Visions. Redda struck a deal with Harry Balk and Irving Micahnik of Twirl Records in Detroit, who recorded both The Visions and Colleen Kaye and The Secrets with Harry producing, and licensing out the masters to Bigtop Records in New York. Later, The Visions became Bocky & the Visions, and The Secrets dropped Colleen Kaye. "Joey's Diamond Ring" was written by black folk singer Rick Shorter, who recorded on Bigtop 3 singles as "Rick & Lance" and later for Columbia Records under his own name. Rick also wrote "Come On Train" for Johnny & The Hurricanes.
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