• The Fabulons (2)

    The Fabulons (2) (Flushing NY)

    Personnel :

    Joe DeGregoria (Lead)

    Mike Sferrazza Baritone)

    Louie Tutone (Second Tenor)

    Bob Faccio (First tenor)

    Discography :
    Unreleased :
    1962 - Rene (Ember)
    1962 - I Only Want You (Ember)

    Biography :

    The Fabulons were started in 1960 by Mike Sferrazza and Louie Tutone in Flushing NY .  Lou and Mike sang together for a couple of months.  They both could carry a tune well but neither of them had great lead vocals.  Then a fellow in their crowd of friends started to sing along with them and had a great lead voice.  His name is Joe DeGregoria. So began the Fabulons.  About a year later they picked up a fourth member names Bob Faccio.  they were all 14-15 yrs of age.  They played at shows and dances in their neighborhood and in 1962 they got a manager named Lenny Rudnick.  Along came a writer named Henry Senatore and he wrote the song "Rene".

    ( to R) : Louie Tutone, Mike Sferrazza, Bob Faccio and Joe DeGregoria

    The Fabulons recorded the single in 1962 on an Ember Record Label  with the flip side song of "I Only Want You" by the Passions.  The record never got released but They kept singing DooWop for about 7 more years. The Fabulons also got together with two other guys named John and Vic Faster.  They were twin brothers with terrific voices.  John and Vic have since passed away and Bob Faccio died in the Vietnam War in 1968. Lou and Mike continued to sing with the Faster Brothers for a couple of years later.
    By Mike Sferrazza.


    Songs :

    The Fabulons (2)

    Rene                                            I Only Want You

    The Fabulons (2) Featuring The Faster Brothers








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