• The Excels (1) ref. The Minors

    The Excels (1)  (Manhattan, New York)
    Ref.  The Minors


    Personnel :

    Freddy Orange (Lead)

    Joe Robles

    Benny Travies

    Raymond "Rayfall" Diaz

    Harry Hillard

    Discography :

    The Excels (1)
    1957 - You're Mine Forever / Baby Doll (Central 2601)

    The Minors
    1957 - Jerry / Where Are You (Celeste 3007/Mello 554)




    Biography :

    Celeste was one of the many short-lived (A little more than one year in duration) record label which specialized in R&b and headquartered in New York City during  the middle fifties heyday of Rock'n Roll.

    The Excels (1) ref. The Minors     
    The Minors : (L to R) back: Ernesto Colon, Benny Travies, Frankin Millin. front : Raymond "Rayfall" Diaz, Yvonne Lee and Harry Hillard

    The label owned by David Levitt sign a recording contract with the Minors for a single in 1957. The Minors were Yvonne Lee, Ernesto Colon, Benny Travies, Frankin Millin, Raymond "Rayfall" Diaz and Harry Hillard . In 1957 the Minors appeared at the a apollo theater along with the Cadillacs, Crazy Cris Columbo and his "wild" Combo, Linda Hopkins, George Holmes and Spence Twins.

    The Excels (1) ref. The Minors      The Excels (1) ref. The Minors

    Some months later, Benny Travies, Raymond "Rayfall" Diaz & Harry Hillard join Joe Robles & Fred Orange to form the Excels. The new group  cut "You're Mine Forever" b/w "Baby Doll" for Central record with Al Browns & His Orchestra.
    Thanks to Marv Goldberg




    Songs :

    The Minors

    Jerry                                                Where Are You


    The Excels (1)

    Baby Doll                                        You're Mine Forever




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