• The Excellents (2) aka The Ultimates (1)


    The Excellents (2) (Brooklyn, New York)  
    aka The Ultimates (1)

    Personnel :

    Gary Allen (Lead)

    Carlos Miranda (First Tenor)

    Neil Bernstein (Second Tenor)

    Donald Scheer (Baritone)

    Dave Strum (Bass)



    Discography :

    The Ultimates (1)
    1961 - I Can Tell You Love Me Too / Lonely Nights (Envoy 2302)


    The Excellents (2)
    1962 - I Hear Rhapshody / Why Did You Laugh (Blast 207)


    Biography :

    The Excellents (1) looked set for a promising career with "Coney Island Baby" until record business skulduggery intervened. Booked for an appearance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand television programme, their record company refused to pay their travelling fees.

    The Excellents (1)

    When they learned that the group simply could not afford to travel to Philadelphia, the label instead sent a Brooklyn group, The Ultimates. This Group composed by Gary Allen, Carlos Miranda, Neil Bernstein, Donald Scheer and Dave Strum, was from Brooklyn and had previously record for the Envoy record Label the sides "I Can Tell You Love Me Too" / "Lonely Nights".

    The Excellents (2)                                                                   

    This substitute Excellents group did record for Blast records "I Hear Rhapshody" b/w Why "Did You Laugh" as The Excellents.

    Songs :

    The Ultimates (1)

    I Can Tell You Love Me Too              Lonely Nights

    The Excellents (2)

    I Hear Rhapsody                      Why Did You Laugh







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    Thursday 7th February 2008 at 21:02
    Hello, Je parcours le blog et je le trouve vraiment super et complet !! C'est génial ! Une source d'information que je n'hésiterais pas à citer !! Frédéric
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