• The Double Dates

    The Double Dates
    The Double Dates (Long Island, New York)


    Personnel :

    Benedict Franklyn Savage

    Thomas Doherty

    Susan Elizabeth Crave

    Susan Virginia O'Rourk


    Discography :

    1959 - I Love You, Girl / Tatoo (Luck 103)


    Biography :

    The story of the Double Dates begins with Benedict Franklyn Savage who, by his senior year in high school, played the guitar, was a member of an instrumental sextet group. In 1958, When one of the members left the group, Thomas Doherty, a junior at Hicksville High School was added. The Gents were born. Early in January 1959 wiyh some demos, they made the rounds on Broadway trying to push their stuff. At 1650 Broadway they were on the 6th floor when they walked into the office of Leo Rogers who managed the Royal Teens of “Short Shorts'" fame."  They were met by Vinny Catalano who told them  that he would listen to their stuff but told them that instrumentals were fading from the rock and roll scene.

    The Double Dates    The Double Dates

    Vinny Catalano and partner's Kenny Kuluga, had some songs that they had written which they could not record. He brought out a demo recording of 'Tatoo' that they had done with the sheet music and words and played it for them. He also had a demo of 'I Love You, Girl' and asked them if they thought they could do anything with them. He gave them the demos and asked them to get back to him. The Gents  returned to Long Island. Only Tom & Benedict were interested by the project. The Gents were finished. Ben asked his friend Susan Virginia O'Rourk if she would want to sing and if she knew another girl that might want to be part of their group and Sue Crave's "Susan Elizabeth Crave) name came up and she was also interested in singing. Tom Doherty rounded out the group and the Double Dates were born.

    The Double Dates
    Thomas Doherty, Susan Elizabeth Crave, Susan Virginia O'Rourk and Benedict Franklyn Savage

    The double Dates the trip to 1650 Broadway and up to Leo Rogers’ office to see Vinny Catalano. They like the Demos and in July 1959, they recorded the two songs with Bob Gaudio and the Royal Teens, who would be the backup group for the session. "I Love You, Girl" b/w "Tatoo" were released by Luck records.  The Double Dates made one appearance in a Jersey City, New Jersey theater but none of the members could remember its name. Ben and Tom appeared on the Clay Cole television show (which premiered September of 1959 and was first called "Rate The Records") where they lip synced "I Love You, Girl" and "Tatoo." According to Tom, Dion and the Belmonts also appeared on the bill.
    Complete story


    Songs :

         Tatoo                                            I Love You Girl


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