• The Delcos aka The Delco's

    The Delcos  (South Bend, Ind.)
    aka The Delco's


    Personnel :

    Peter Woodard (Lead)

    Glen Madison (First tenor)

    Richard Greene (Second tenor)

    Ralph Wood (Baritone)

    Otis Smith (Bass)



    Singles :

    The Delco's
    1962 - These Three little Words / Arabia (Ebony 01/02)

    The Delcos
    1963 - Those Three little Words / Arabia (Showcase 2501/Sound stage 7 2501)
    1963 - Still miss you so / Just ask (Sound stage 7 2515)

    Glen Madison (& The Delcos)
    1963 - When You Dance / Why Do You Have To Go (Ebony 105)

    Unreleased :

    Tonight (Ebony) 

    Sunday Kind Of Love (Ebony)
    Summertime (Ebony)
    Si, Si, Pedro (Ebony)
    September Song (Ebony)
    Rainbow (Ebony) 

    Peace Of Mind (Ebony)
    Lucky Old Sun (Ebony) 

    Kathleen (Ebony)

    Just A Memory (Ebony) 

    Give Me A Chance (Ebony) 

    Crazy Baby (Ebony)
    Come On Back(Ebony)
    Broken Heart (Ebony)
    My Guardian Angel (Ebony)
    Diddy Bop (Ebony) 

    Cleopatra (Ebony)


    Biography :

    South Bend, Indiana-based R&B group the Delcos formed in 1961 -- according to Marv Goldberg's profile in the 1972 issue of Record Exchanger -- first tenor Pike Miller, tenor Peter Woodard, tenor/baritone Richard Greene, and bass Otis Smith first met as students at South Bend Central High School. A fixture of the local teen dance and talent show circuit, the fledgling group nevertheless suffered personnel problems; when Miller was asked to leave the lineup, his brother Gilbert was recruited to fill the gap, but he proved a poor fit as well.


     Finally, the Delcos (so named after the brand of batteries) added first tenor Glenn Madison, another Central High alum, as well as baritone/bass Ralph Woods, and in the fall of 1962 recorded their debut single "Arabia" for manager Juanita Henson's Ebony label. When the record began gaining momentum, Henson licensed the Delcos to Monument, who insisted the group re-record the song at its Nashville studios.  "Arabia" went on to become a breakout hit in cities including Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and Detroit but fell shy of the national pop charts; Monument nevertheless bankrolled a tour of the East Coast, but declined to release the Delcos' follow-up "When You Dance," issued on Ebony and credited solely to Madison.

    Monument's Sound Stage Seven imprint released the final Delcos single "Still Miss You So" in November 1963. Weeks later, Woods was called to serve in Vietnam, and with the draft looming, the group dissolved. Madison later toured with the Penguins and Zola Taylor's Platters. In 1991, Ebony released Boy Could They Sing, a CD compiling the Delcos official releases along with more than a dozen unreleased demo recordings. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide


    Songs :
     (Update By Hans-Joachim) 

    The Delco's

    Arabia                               These Three little Words

    The Delcos

    Those Three Little Words                                      Arabia                                    Still Miss You So

    Just ask                                                           Cleopatra                                  My Guardian Angel

    Sunday Kind Of Love (version 1)         Sunday Kind Of Love (version 2)         Summertime (version 1)   

    Summertime (version 2)                        Si Si Pedro                                Just Ask (Alternate Take)

    Tonight                                              Rainbow                                            September Song

    My Guardian Angel                                 Peace Of Mind                                  Kathleen

    Give Me A Chance                                  Lucky Old Sun                                   Just A Memory

    Diddy Bop                                              Crazy Baby                                      Come On Back

    Broken Heart

    Glen Madison

    Why Do You Have To Go            When You Dance


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