• The Crystal Chords

    The Crystal Chords (Spanish Harlem, New York)

    Personnel :

    Lenny Montalvo (Lead)

    Hector "Tito" Santiago (Baritone)

    Joe Paredes

    Eddie Sotolongo (Lead)

    Arnie Magranrer


    Discography :

    1958 - Be Mine Again / When In The World (3D 373)


    Biography :

    In 1958, five friends from Spanish Harlem (Lenny Montalvo, Eddie Sotolongo, Hector Santiago, Arnie Managrer, Joe Paredes received local attention from neighborhood teens when their record was heard on the radio. Their tune "Be Mine Again" was originally a Spanish Folk song.


    Lenny Montalvo and the guys decided to translate the Spanish lyrics into English but chose to leave the bridge part to be spoken in Spanish. An agent heard the group rehearse and invited them to 3D records in the Bronx. There they recorded two sides. "Be Mine Again" was lead by Lenny Montalvo which became the A side. "When in the World" was lead by Eddie Sotolongo which became the flip side.

    Songs :

    Be Mine Again                                    When In The World



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    Sunday 26th May 2019 at 02:31

    Arnie was Arnie Magraner.  (Please correct spelling). He was Cuban born  - 12-7-1941 - That's rightt. Pearl Harbor Day..and I hope he made it back to the island he loved. Arnie sang with me for about four years with our group of different personnel, but finally on the Squires version of "So Many Tears Ago" on the Gee label, the last record Gee would press.  They neglected to put our version of "Don't Accuse Me" (the flip) on the record and sent the thing out to 33 distributors and that was the end of it.  Thank you Morris and George. Richard Barrett  arranged it with us and Arlene Smith from the Chantels sat in on the session. We got the record "deal" because we won Amateur Night at the Apollo. We sang the Dominoes' "Stardust" acapella.  I've got at least a dozen acapella cuts where  Arnie sings with us.  Other personnel included Peter Baralt , lead and first tenor, Garry Bonner, second and lead and myself, bass-baritone. Arnie sang baritone. He recalled a show the Crystal Chords did with Dr. Jive at Palisades Amusement Park (I think) where there were some acrobatics with mike cords.

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