• The Crescents (4)

    The Crescents (4) (Sidney, Australia)


    Personnel :

    Col Loughnan (Lead Tenor)

    Mike Downes (Baritone)

    Kel Palace (Second Tenor)


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1959 - Everlovin' / You Broke My Heart (Leedon LS565)
    1959 - Mr. Blue / You Mean Everything Yo Me (Teen TC-008)
    1959 - Mr. Blue / How Important Can It Be? (Leedon LS581)
    1960 - The Hand Of God / When You Wish Upon A Star (Lee Gordon LS598)
    1960 - One More Kiss / Picture Of Love (Lee Gordon LS602)
    1961 - Way Of The Cross / Story Of The Cross (Chris Christensen) (Leedon LK12)
    1961 - Get A job / Silhouette (Leedon LK101)
    1961 - The Stars Will Remember / Love, Llove, Love (Leedon LS6056) 

    EP :

    1960 - Rock Time
    Down By The Riverside / Why Do Fools Fall In Love / Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) / Dreaming (Leedon LEP314)

    1960 - Hit It For Six
    Everlovin' / You Broke My Heart / Mr. Blue / How Important Can It Be? (Leedon EP316)


    Biography :

    The Crescents were a vocal harmony group which formed in Sydney, Australia in late 1958 under the name The 4 Tops (not associated with American quartet, the Four Tops). The Crescents were best known for their Top 10 hit "Mr. Blue" and for their tours with Lee Gordon's "Big Shows" supporting Johnnie Ray, Fabian, and Ricky Nelson.

     The Crescents (4)

    Dennis O'Keefe, Kel Palace, Mike Downes, and Col Loughnan formed The 4 Tops, however a few months later O'Keefe left, and the remaining trio changed their name to The Crescents. Johnny O'Keefe became their manager, and promoted his young vocalists with live performances, appearances on his television program, "Six O'Clock Rock", in print media, and by signing them to Leedon Records. O'Keefe used his connection with Gordon to secure inclusion in the Big Shows. This move paid dividends when the audiences showed strong appreciation, in particular teenage girls.


    The Crescents released seven singles, and two EPs, with "Mr. Blue" reaching the Top 10 in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, their only hit record. In 1962, Downes left the group, followed later the same year by Loughnan, who joined the Delltones. Shortly thereafter, the group disbanded.

    Songs :

    The Hand Of God                            Mr. Blue

    Dreaming                                      Everlovin

    Picture Of Love


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    Friday 21st October 2011 at 13:19
    Good Post
    I have searched lot of blogs and web site to looking great articles relating my subject I really found eye catching articles at your blog/site. Thanks a lot!
    Thursday 17th January 2019 at 23:45

    There are 2 errors in your release listings for this Sydney, Australia singing group.  Firstly, the single you list on Teen TC-008 is NOT sung by this group.  The Crescents were never signed to Teen label and spent their entire short 2 year existance with Lee Gordon's "Leedon" label.  Although the Teen single lists The Crescents on both sides of the record, both songs are sung by different acts. 'Mr Blue" is sung by the US group THE DREAMERS who recorded their version for Bell Records USA.  The b-side "You Mean Everything To Me" is sung by Teen artist JOHNNY ROBSON.  (This bizarre mix-up is explained in the comments at the 45 CAT website for this record)


    The second error I noticed on your site is the order of their releases.   "The Stars Will Remember" is NOT their final release as you have listed here, although it was the last one to feature the original three singers.  Their FINAL single release was "GET A JOB" / "SILHOUETTES" (Leedon  LK-101) in September 1961 after baritone Mike Downes had quit the group in June and been replaced by new singer Alan Roberts. 

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